Update: 2nd July

Not so long ago i cobbled together what was intended to be just a one-off piece, simply for the fun of it. It was completely different to my normal style and i thoroughly enjoyed it… apparently, so did some of you guys and i had a few enquiries about whether i would be writing any follow-ups.

The answer is, yes!

In fact, i’ve decided to do another mini-serialisation, however it won’t be appearing in the main bloggage, mainly because it’s nothing to do with sl and, if you miss an instalment, it can be a pain trying to work out when the last episode was – so i’ve created a whole new section to the blog, where you’ll find each piece of the story, in order, as it unfolds.

Unlike my previous serialisations, (or indeed most of what i write), i have a very definite idea of where i want to go with this and how the story will unfold, although, if i get it right, that’s something that won’t be quite so obvious to the reader and you’ll have to work things out for yourselves!

i’ve called the story ‘Skybald’ – rather obscure, i know, but i’m sure it won’t defeat you. So, for all you cyberpunks, grunge monkeys and postmodern deconstructionists, head along to the second instalment, ‘Cop’, together with the previous chapter, ‘Slum’, here… and let me know how it juices your boggle-boxes, talkback style.


s. x

Look how low i’ve sunk
Don’t ask me to rise
Azure Ray – Rise 

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