(Not so) Predictive text

Foretelling the future can be a rather hit-and-miss affair. You never quite know what’s going to happen – so to mitigate the risk of not having anything to say on a particular day, i tend to stockpile posts and, as a general rule, i usually have between 2-3 week’s worth of drafts hanging around in the background, waiting for their moment of glory.

Which is great if i hit a period of writer’s block, simply don’t have the time to blog, or write something so appallingly bad that the only sensible place to post it is in the recycle bin. If today happens to be one of those days, (which is true for around 8 days of most weeks), it’s reassuring to know that i have some posts in the bank that i can give a quick once-over and publish.

However, the future being the rather unpredictable thing that it tends to be, i’m finding, with increasing frequency, that my carefully prepared emergency supply of blog posts can’t keep up with the times. There’s a steadily accumulating stack of wordage that, for one reason or another, will require some fairly significant editorial hacking or, in the worst cases, complete re-writing or dumping entirely.

How today should have looked

Take today’s intended post… all about how i’d come to a point in sl where i’d run out of things to do – not in a bad way, rather in a sort of ‘it’s time to put my feet up and enjoy the fruits of my labour, without having to build, landscape or otherwise be industrious’ kind of way.

Had i possessed the gift of second sight, i’d never have bothered writing that one! It just goes to show that we never know what the future might bring and that, no matter how well prepared for any eventuality we may be, there will always be the unexpected lurking around the next corner, just waiting for the opportunity to jump out and shout ‘Boo!’ at us without any warning whatsoever.

It also demonstrates to me that SLife, just like rl, is something where you have both recognise and then grasp every opportunity that’s presented to you, occasionally take risks and to be prepared to change plans at the drop of a hat if we’re to make the most of what‘s on offer, particularly when we’re thrown a curveball that we’re not expecting.

Working hard

So, SLife had become surprisingly quiet and routine: with little in the way of gardening to do at Nowhere Land and no immediate plans to make any changes to the Gallery exhibits – SL9B was fast approaching and, although i’d decided to put together a small celebratory build alongside the Gallery, there was really very little that needed doing. i could afford to kick back, put my feet up and write a little piece about how pleasant it was to be able to relax and have ‘nothing at all to do’, other than enjoy sl… Famous last words!

How was i to know that within a matter of hours a golden opportunity would arise to acquire a parcel of land right next to my own existing plot? Not only a rare occurrence, but also a rather opportune one – having run embarrassingly short of prims, it would provide me with the wherewithal to be a little more extravagant with my SL9B plans – not just in prim expenditure, but in scale too! Maybe it didn’t make sound business sense, or even common sense, but it made sense to me – and so, the deal was done! Naturally, with time running out, an enormous prim allowance and the scope to do pretty much whatever i wanted, the ensuing days became a building, landscaping and publicising frenzy… And, out of the chaos, like an… erm, giant book rising majestically out of an anonymous bit of parkland, the SL9B Story took shape. So much for putting my feet up; but there was far more to follow!

Launch day came and went, with the week of birthday celebrations blurring into one mad round of sightseeing, photography, writing and partying – completely manic, but enormous fun – throw in a devastating hard disk crash to finish it all off and, by the time it came to close the final chapter on the SL9B Story, edit all the posts together and come up with a finished article, i was more than ready for that long spell of doing absolutely nothing at all that i’d only recently been looking forward to… No such luck!

As with any party, there’s always the tidying up – the books all had to be packed away, all neatly labelled in boxes, balloons to be popped and all the various bits and pieces lurking in the undergrowth safely found, collected and returned to their rightful  places, leaving a pristine, but very empty, plot of land. Well, i couldn’t leave it like that, could i?

What happened next? i’ll tell you tomorrow!

s. x

Out here in the fields
I fight for my meals
I get my back into my living.
The Who – Baba O’Riley 

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