Update – 23rd July

Can’t help thinking there’s something significant about 23rd July, although i haven’t a clue what it might be – don’t you just hate the way things creep into your brain, plant ideas that have absolutely no basis whatsoever and then sneak back out again to leave you wondering what on earth it is that you’ve forgotten? No… must be just me then?

That aside, last week was rubbish in terms of writing – a complete washout – let’s hope this week will be better.

Let’s start with the next instalment of Skybald: i’m not particularly impressed with it, but i’m sure you’ll be generous, play along and smile sweetly.. won’t you?

Find ‘Hi-Rise‘ here.

s. x

I think you saw me confronting my fear, it
Went up with a bottle and went down with the beer and
I think you ought to stay away from here
There are ghosts in the walls and they
Crawl in your head through your ear.
La Dispute – Such Small Hands

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