Dumbing down

Everyone’s ranting at the moment – seems to be the in-thing, so i figure, what the hell – maybe i should jump on the bandwagon too, after all i’m a sucker for following the crowd, (that’s quite obviously a lie, but i feel the need to be ironic).

There’s a very practical side to this too – i appear to have encountered a severe case of writer’s block, (or as i prefer to call it, ‘Aaaaaaarrrggghhhh… write dammit! Just one little idea – anything, just an idea – damn you to hell!’), which has clouded my mind like an extra-thick blanket of three-week old custard over the strawberry jelly and sponge fingers of my soul for most of the past month… it is, extremely, IRRITATING! ‘Just maybe’, i think to myself, ‘if i have a good rant, the old creative juices will start flowing again? – At the very least, i can lean back in my chair, feeling all smug and self-satisfied and think to myself, “Well, that told ’em!”‘

What to rant about though? What is there that hasn’t been done to death in recent weeks by, pretty much, the whole of the rest of the blogosphere?

It’s pointless ranting about the weather – everyone else is, ad infinitum… The US of Americans: ‘It’s too damn hot’; the UK of Brits: ‘It’s too damn wet, (no, strike that: Now it’s too damn hot)’; the rest of the world: ‘Too many damn tornadoes, floods, earthquakes (ok, i know it’s not strictly weather – don’t be so damn pedantic!), tropical storms, melting ice…’ – and who wants to blog about the weather anyway, unless it’s raining ectoplasm or alligators?

World events? Nope – two reasons: a) i’m not really interested, and b) i’m bound to offend somebody really badly. Olympics? Absolutely not. This blog will continue to be an Olympic free zone.

SL? Now, let me see… i could moan about pathfinding, but since i don’t live on an enabled region, own any mesh vehicles, sail boats, or fly anywhere other than places guaranteed to annoy my immediate neighbours, i really have absolutely nothing to say about it. How about SLCC? Suffice it to say that if a very small butterfly flapped its wings quite gently in a sealed box, buried deep beneath Central Park, it would have the same impact on me as SLCC not happening – again, i have nothing to say about it. What about Linden Lab’s extreme talkativeness, region idling, unresolved JIRA issues, Grid outa….

Sorry, fell asleep from sheer boredom.

Aha! Maybe that’s the problem! Am i the only one who is finding the world at the moment a terribly unstimulating and dull place?

Quite apart from having to compete with the necessary pressures and tediousness of the daily grind, there seems to be very little in the mainstream that’s at all intellectually stimulating or worthwhile. Over the past month, i’ve read at least 3 books, all of which have won awards and international praise – one of which has already made it to the big screen – and found them to be utterly pedestrian, predictable and dull. i’ve watched blockbuster films that have been less exciting than the accompanying popcorn, (not as expensive, though); i’ve completely given up on the current music scene and the more i  look for stimulating and insightful material on the web, the more it seems to consist almost entirely of lolcats, puerile memes and commentary provided by hoodied bigots who struggle to string together a simple sentence. You know it’s a thin news day when the BBC think that the trending of a viral video about a toddler climbing a doorframe is front-page news. i’m even finding that i have to routinely spice up supermarket food because it’s become so damn bland that my tastebuds are in danger of defecting!

i can’t help feeling that, as a whole, society is going way too far in pandering to the lowest common denominator – don’t get me wrong, i’m not being elitist or superior and i’m all for inclusivity, but where in the rule book does it say that it’s absolutely necessary for every single thing to be dumbed-down to such a degree that those of us looking for for a little mental inspiration, challenge and invigoration in our daily lives have no choice but to settle for the spoon-fed slop that those who decide what’s good for us insist on ladling out?

It’s the McDonadizationof intellect, and i for one, don’t like it one little bit.

Rant over. My apologies.

s. x

“If we’re all on the bandwagon, where are the band going to sit?” Serendipdy Haven

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2 Responses to Dumbing down

  1. Paypabak says:

    That was quite a rant alright. Even when there’s nothing to rant about, it’s good to be able to drawn on that fact alone and get some good practice in! *hugs*

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