The blogger’s dilemma – what should i write about today?

Bob Komin leaving Linden Lab? Nah… Lots of other people will do that – so, whilst the rest of the sl blogosphere debates, postulates and evaluates the impact of BK’s going, i thought i’d let them get on with it – in fact, i came up with a little game for you, which i’ve called ‘Make up your own headline about Bob Komin leaving SL’, (catchy title, huh?). Simply select one word from each column to make up a headline and for every occasion over the next month that you spot a blog post with that title, you score a point. i bet that’s the most fun you’ll get out of Linden Lab this year!

Ok, so how about i write about the all new, sparkly advanced creator tools being launched today? No, i’m not going to do that either… somehow i just can’t work up any enthusiasm about being randomly teleported halfway across the Grid just because i happen to walk through a doorway, or having an attachment forcibly welded to my HUD, (in the process, wiping out my carefully placed AO control panel). Call me old-fashioned, but i like to be able to exercise the freedom to choose how i go about sl, rather than have other’s dictate my choices for me, (i have a pet loathing of ban lines)… besides, i like walking around – you miss so much when you TP from point to point. Frankly, i’d prefer something a little more innovative… like fixing group chat lag, for example!

The truth of the matter is that i haven’t really much to say about anything at all today. As far as Linden Lab goes, it’s probably one of the most newsworthy days we’ve had for a long time – Torley’s even been allowed to take a break from his tea-making duties to make one of his beloved instructional videos to celebrate the new tools and i’m certain that Komin leaving is going to mean significant change at the Lab but, in all honestly, i can’t work up the enthusiasm to care. There was a time when i’d have got all excited and joined in with all the fuss, but i’ll leave that to everyone else, it all seems a bit too much effort at the moment.

New features will come – some will be popular, others will fall down – Lindens will come and go and the fortunes of the Lab will wax and wane, and so the circle of SLife rolls onwards. As for me and, i suspect, the vast majority of other residents in sl, i’m not that bothered. Let me get on with my building and exploring, my fun and games and my socialising, and i’m pretty sure that sl will sort itself out, without my interfering!

s. x

Was then we planned the revolution,
To make things better for all time,
When Guevara said “That’s crazy”,
And ordered up a bottle of wine.
The Levellers – What Beautiful Day

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