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There’s an sl bug that i’ve tolerated for a while, grimly resigned to the inconvenience it causes and the knowledge that it’s unlikely to go away any time soon. It’s a particularly irritating bug that means i can’t sit in the sunshine and stare out to sea on the pier at Echo Bay, or enjoy the solitude and peace of one of my little hidden gardens at Nowhere Land.

These are irritations and annoyances that i’ve borne stoically up until now, in much the same way that you just have to shrug and get on with life when some random stranger insists on parking in the space outside your house, even though there’s a perfectly serviceable space they could use that doesn’t block your access. In the main, these are the sort of things we put up with because – although annoying – the effect they have on our quality of life is pretty minimal and they’re hardly worth making a fuss about; but what happens when circumstances change?

Imagine that you’ve broken your hip, as a result of some bizarre kitchen accident… suddenly, having easy access to your front door becomes much more important and being forced to park some distance from home because of somebody else’s selfishness becomes more than just a slight annoyance – it’s a real issue. This is exactly what has happened with the bug i mentioned earlier.

Let me explain: Way back in 2009, for no apparent reason, people started to find that they had suddenly become incapable of sitting on surfaces that they’d previously had no problem making themselves comfortable on… ‘No room to sit here’the viewer would haughtily announce. The culprit, it was discovered, turned out to be objects placed within the bounding boxes of phantom prims. To the uninitiated, this may seem a simple problem to resolve – just don’t place any objects, such as chairs, within a bounding box, right? Let’s not forget that this is sl – nothing is ever that simple!

The real problem arises when we bring sculpted prims into the equation – bounding boxes for sculpties can be significantly larger than the prim itself and don’t necessarily follow the shapes you expect them to. This is precisely why i can’t sit on my pier – it’s inside the bounding box of the scultpted sand surface of my beach; similarly, if i pop a bench beneath the shade of a sculpted tree, there’s a very good chance that i’ll be unable to make any practical use of it. If that’s not annoyance enough, consider the problems that can occur with those sculpted, off-Sim megaprim mountain ranges that are becoming so popular – they can have bounding boxes that extend half way across the Sim, just think of the problems that can cause!

As with many of the bizarre problems that sl throws at us, there are some workarounds. The problem only seems to affect unscripted prims that don’t possess an explicit sit target – the solution, apparently, is to use llSitTarget to solve the problem, however it’s not persistent over a ‘shift-drag’ copy, which makes it a real pain for content creators and anyone who wants to copy their park benches, (and who doesn’t?).

All a bit of a pain in the butt, but until very recently, only an inconvenience, so what has changed to allow this bug to royally screw up my enjoyment of sl? Simply this: the proximity of a large sculpted prim that i’ve installed at Nowhere Land – something i can’t relocate or change – means that the furniture that i’ve been diligently working on creating for my new store has been rendered completely useless in every practical sense. So much for ‘try before you buy’ – it’s more a case of ‘look, but don’t touch’! It’s incredibly frustrating.

Tell me, oh all-powerful Lindens, how on earth is it possible for such a fundamentally borked bit of code to be tolerated and – let’s be honest – ignored, without any effort made to put things right? It’s not as if people haven’t made a fuss about it the Jira entry was opened in 2009 and is still going strong – although it’s quite obvious that the Lab has absolutely no intention of fixing it…

Alexa Linden added a comment – 10/Feb/09 1:31 PM:
This has been reviewed in Triage and is being resolved as Won’t Finish.

Well, that’s just great!

s. x

Look like nothings gonna change,
Everything still remain the same,
I can’t do what ten people tell me to do,
So I guess I’ll remain the same, yes

Sara Bareilles – (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay

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