Lost & Found

Generally i’m not a messy or disorganised person, although neither am i obsessively tidy and organised – i tend to try and strike a happy medium between neat and comfortably functional. i couldn’t, for example, maintain the sort of home that you see in the pages of the glossy magazines, although i’d like to hope you could drop in unannounced at any time and not find the place in need of a good tidy-up.

Even so, when i’m working and absorbed in something that requires my full attention, you’re quite likely to find that the near vicinity becomes somewhat cluttered and dishevelled as time goes on. You’ll find this to be true at home, around my desk at work and when i’m out and about getting things done. You’ll also find, i’m afraid, that bad habits have also crept into sl – which for me, when i’m working, is something akin to the ultimate personal sandbox.

Whether it’s building, designing, modelling or otherwise creating new lumps of primmage, when i’m in full creative flow mundanities like putting things away, deleting rubbish and sorting things into orderly piles really don’t register with me. i’m more the drop things on the floor and worry about them later sort of person, which is why you’ll often have to tunnel through discarded prims, cast aside textures and  random items of semi-complete constructions if ever you want to find me during the white heat of creative fervour!

Essentially, this tends to mean that when i’m in the throes of putting something together, i tend to work far better when i’m surrounded by what most people would probably call a mess, but i prefer to describe as ‘necessary clutter’ – it’s no big deal; we all have our preferred methods of working – the trouble is, if i happen to be in a necessarily cluttery mood, the sort that considers inventory clearing, sorting and cataloguing to be a somewhat unnecessary chore, i can be a bit slapdash elsewhere too.

This is why, if you happen to wander around any of my land when i’m preoccupied with coming up with new and baffling uses for tortured prims it’s quite likely that you’ll find yourself stumbling across something completely out of place, just haphazardly lying around … like the motorcycle and sports car in the tube station, (well, it was easier just to drive in, and you never know when you might be grateful for a set of wheels easily to hand, without all that tiresome mucking about in the inventory).

i can be a bit absent-minded with such things – often thinking ahead, it can be very easy to forget the niceties of housekeeping that come as second nature to most people. My attitude tends to be more along the lines of, “i’ll sort that out later”, and then, of course, i completely forget, or develop a kind of odd blindness to the situation. Usually the bigger and more intrusive the object, the less perturbed i tend to be about it appearing in a completely counter-intuitive setting. Take, for example, my jumbo jet, which is currently adorning my sky platform in a rather indecorous fashion… There’s no mystery about how it got there – i simply missed the runway and landed it in the best fashion i could, jumped out of the cockpit and TP’d off to a party. It never once occurred to me to put the darn thing away – after all, it was doing no harm, and i had better things to do. It’s been there a week now, constantly getting in my way and blocking the view as i dodge and weave around the fuselage, trying to build bits of furniture. It’s never once occurred to me to put it away – it seems i have developed the art of absent-mindedness to new levels.

Absent-mindedness is fine, provided you’re leaving things lying around on your own property; the trouble is, i tend to do the same elsewhere too – never intentionally: It’s just that when i roll up the street in my dustcart, or arrive in my Millennium Falcon for a night out with friends, it seems to me perfectly logical to leave it parked up, ready for the journey home later. Of course, i forget it’s there, and it’s only when my long-suffering landlady discretely sends my errant items back home to my Lost & Found folder, that i realise what i’ve done. To compound matters, it’s usually the contents of a small store that wings it’s way back – items i’d completely forgotten about, lost without even realising it or left abandoned in the most obscure places without a clue as to how they got there – i really do need to get a bit of a grip!

Did i ever tell you about the time that i managed to lose a small, but vital building tool in the pub car park?…

Umm, has anyone seen a gantry crane anywhere… i seem to have misplaced it

s. x

I don’t remember, I don’t recall
I got no memory of anything at all
Peter Gabriel – I Don’t Remember

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