Update: 7th August

Yikes!… In the building and construction trade, they’d no doubt call it ‘slippage’; the Linden’s would call it ‘maintenance’ – i call it, ‘how the heck did that happen?’.

Somehow time and life have conspired against me over recent weeks and managed to slow the flow of wordage down from a virtual Niagra to something akin to one of those dribbling taps that won’t quite turn off, leaving it to make that strange high-pitched fissling-whistling-gurgle that keeps you up at night and results in water bills that substantially increase the national debt.

My bufferage of posts has shrunk to less than a week’s worth and i was horrified to notice that the non-sl part of the blog has come to a grinding halt… is there nothing interesting in the world to write about, other than sl, or has the traditional 24-hour day simply become far too short to accommodate everything i need to do?

Time to put things right, (or should that be ‘write’?) – so, let’s blow the cobwebs off Alt. life: and see what i’ve come up with… you may need a squirt of oil to un-seize the page though!

s. x

I Know, I know the sun is hot
Mosquitoes come to suck your blood
Leave you there all alone
Just skin and bone
Queens Of The Stone Age – Mosquito Song

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