Say cheese

It’s official – i’m weird!

Not so much in the sense of the things that i do, it’s more a case of the bizarre connections that my brain manages to make, all on its own, that would cause any ‘normal’ person to shake their head in dismay and have them thumbing through the the Yellow Pages under the ‘Loony Bin’ heading.

i like to think of it as having an excess of brain matter… extra parcels of brain cells, forming supernumerary synapses that in anybody else would simply go to waste, whereas i press and cajole them into service and reap the, er, benefits(?) of the somewhat strange and peculiar thoughts that surface as a consequence. Occasionally, even i find myself completely bemused by what goes on in my mind and consider that the dividing line between genius and madness is even less defined than most of us think.

Often i’ll find myself doing completely bizarre things usually as the result of some totally random and unconnected sequence of events or conversation, which then goes on to have wholly unexpected and decidedly odd consequences. let me give you a recent example…

As regulars will already be aware, one of my current projects is to come up with merchandise to fill the store that i hope to have up and running in the very near(ish) future. Currently, i’m focussing on furniture… after all, there’s not nearly enough of the stuff floating around sl, i’m sure you’ll agree! Having knocked up a couple of different themed suites, i was toying with how to approach my next design…

[13:59] Serendipidy Haven: just trying to decide whether to make my next sofa prims, or to try and sculpt it
[13:59] jellie Arrowmint: ok my first thought was ‘Make it out of cheese’,  for some unknown reason.
[13:59] jellie Arrowmint: er so I dunno if that helps? 🙂
[13:59] Serendipidy Haven: yay!
[14:00] Serendipidy Haven: a cheese chair!
[14:00] Serendipidy Haven: what a brilliant idea!
[14:00] jellie Arrowmint: yaaaaaaaaaay with ‘oles in it like that you know, that cheese
[14:00] Serendipidy Haven: amazing!
[14:00] jellie Arrowmint: with a liddle mouse poking it’s head out one of the ‘oles
[14:00] Serendipidy Haven: woohoo!

[14:21] Serendipidy Haven: hmm – never thought i’d have a folder called ‘cheese’!
[14:21] jellie Arrowmint: hahha, what?
[14:21] jellie Arrowmint: are you really making a cheese thing? 😀
[14:21] Serendipidy Haven: yeah!
[14:21] jellie Arrowmint: ok lol 😀

Welcome to my world!

This is pretty much how life goes from day-to-day in sl for me – a chance remark or an interesting sight can pave the way for the most outrageous and downright daft outcomes: buildings, inspired by someone’s hairdo; a shoe canoe; or the potato poncho… pretty much anything can, and frequently does, spring into being as a result of my somewhat ‘interesting’ thought processes and, whilst they may make perfect sense to me, a more rational person might think i’d completely lost the plot. (Actually, i haven’t entirely ruled that out, either!).

This, for me, is one of the things that makes sl so much fun – whilst my mind may conjure up all sorts of weird impossibilities in rl, it’s a rare occasion indeed that any of them will see fruition; in sl though it’s altogether a different story!

Perhaps i am a little unhinged, but i don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing – having the freedom to express the inner workings of your mind, through the medium of sl is, of course, the essential basic ingredient for building a world that is able to exploit to the full the potential of what a virtual environment can offer – and to be able to draw inspiration from practically anything and everything and then make it virtual ‘reality’ is the essence of freedom in creativity. Without those vital qualities, sl would be pretty boring!

When i look around me, i realise that i’m probably not the only one whose brain is firing a few neurons over the prescribed safe limit – and i can’t begin to tell you how pleased i am that’s the case! Long may the weirdos have their fun, i say!

With that in mind, perhaps a word of warning is required… just be careful what you say, you never know what us weirdos might make of it!

s. x

People are strange when you’re a stranger 
Faces look ugly when you’re alone 
The Doors – People Are Strange

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