What is the world coming to?

It used to be so lovely and clear, but all so confusing now, i fear:
Old Second Life was full of fun, a happy place where you would come
to have a laugh, and jerk around; and play good jokes on friends you’d found,
for dancing at clubs and shopping at malls, and messing about on posing balls.
If you wished, there were breedable pets, and for the pervs, you could do teh sex,
but now i’m told that things are changing, with innovations, all far-ranging!
i just logged in to buy some clothes… some brand new boots: we all need those!
They’re made of mesh – it’s kinda cool, but it’s made me look a bit of a fool,
my bestest friends are telling me that my legs have vanished below the knee!
On top of that, my butt is showing and it seems i have no way of knowing
that a huge balloon sprouts from my knees… no wonder friends have begun to tease.
To have such clothing seems quite dumb; what have those blasted Lindens done?
Perhaps i should check out the official feeds; surely those can help me with my needs?
But what’s all this – or rather, is not? – there’s no information; not a jot!
It seems the Lindens are no longer talking, no wonder the residents are all walking.
I wonder why? It’s very odd, but conversation stopped when they took on Rod…
They almost seem to want to make a game… out of sl? That’s a crying shame!
Surely not, it can’t be true – imagine the trouble for me and you?
Oh goodness me, we’re joining Steam! This is like a terrible dream!
Just thinking of those frightening games, gives me the terrors… even their names…
War of Gears and Planet Mutants – so scary i could almost pee my pants;
And they’re going to let them into Second Life – oh, my word, i can see some strife:
Slaughtered meeroos and blown-up prims; and avatars missing all their limbs!
Dear Roddy Humble, why these vile things?
When you could have turned us into The Sims?

s. x

I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It’s a very, very mad world … mad world
Enlarging your world
Mad world
Alex Parks – Mad World

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One Response to What is the world coming to?

  1. Good one. Enjoy your poem posts!

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