Perhaps i’d had a sheltered upbringing, but prior to becoming a citizen of sl, drama was something for which you’d spend an evening at the theatre, or see played out on the TV or cinema screen. Of course i’d heard of drama-queens but since i’ve never had much of a social life, or friends for that matter, i’d always managed to avoid those embarrassing situations where people end up crying on shoulders, shouting in the street or getting hopelessly drunk/pregnant/lost as a result of some idiotic nonsense that nobody really cares about.

So, when i did manage to eventually hack my way into the virtual world, i was totally unprepared for the sheer amount of drama that i was suddenly exposed to. Needless to say, it’s one of those things where it’s very easy to become guilty by association – as they say, when you sling chocolate coated rice crispie cakes, some chocolate is going to stick, (that might not be the exact phrasing, but i’m damned if i can remember it right now). Consequently – and much against my will – i found myself embroiled in my own dramas, some of which, if some parties were to be believed, were entirely of their own making.

Thinking back, those days seem to be a very odd and disturbing time of my SLife indeed, and it’s now been a very long time since drama and i have crossed paths – thank goodness!

The only reason that i bring the subject up at all is because i quite unexpectedly stumbled across an old, erm… ‘acquaintance’ this week, which brought it all flooding back. When i say ‘stumbled across’, it’s not in the literal sense and even though i could probably quite easily contrive to run into said person – they are terrible creatures of habit, these drama whores – i can’t think of any rational reason why any sane person would want to do so, (Oi! Who made the comment about my sanity?) – No: they popped up during my regular trolling of blogs related to sl, where i came across a whole lengthy post about this particular person, whom it seems is still hell bent to pursue their SLife long mission to alienate the whole of the sl community against themselves. Well, i suppose you have to have a goal in life!

It’s always struck me as a little odd that those for whom drama appears to be second nature should choose sl as their preferred vehicle for propagating their ire… After all, if you want to be anti-social, why choose to be part of a social network? Surely you’d be better off  in one of those fantasy roleplay games, where you get to blow people up or chop their heads off – better still, stick to Twitter or Facebook, where you can be as anti-social as you like and still attract friends and followers who appear to have the same sort of deathwish as the moth drawn toward the flame that will eventually destroy it, (poetic, huh?).

Surely it stands to reason that eventually, if you piddle off enough people in sl, you’re going to end up all alone, in your own personal vacuum where there’s simply nobody left that you can brutalise, terrorise, shaft, wind-up, abuse, use and try to drag into the slimy pit of despair and angst in which you dwell… and then, what’s left? Stamp your little pixel feet in a tantrum and wade into yourself? What’s the point of being the centre of your own little universe, when there’s no-one left to revolve around you?

Oops, got a little carried away there!

There’s really very little funny about drama queens, but i do sometimes find a wry sense of satisfaction, and even humour, when i see them hoist upon their own petard. Take my erstwhile acquaintance, for example… If there’s one thing they can’t abide, it’s being quoted verbatim in somebody’s blog… yep, you guessed it – and it did make me chuckle, just a little.

s. x

We won’t die of devotion
Understand we can never belong
Throw some acid into your face
Pollute your mineral water with a strychnine taste
Manic Street Preachers – You Love Us

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