These are the dark places

The places we dare not go –
That haunt our troubled, uneasy sleep;
The stuff of ghoulish nightmares dreamt
And flights of fancy, deep.

The places of our hidden thoughts,
So carefully stashed away,
Lest they break through from the cloying dark
And find the light of day.

In times before we’ve held them down,
Within our souls confined;
Or else, allowed them some free reign –
through books and films refined.

But always we have kept them far –
Lest they should take control,
Safely kept on page and celluloid
Where they cannot touch our soul.

But times have changed
And now such things in pixels can take form –
And having found their place at last,
Can tempt us from the norm.

These twisted haunts of minds-eye fear
Taunt us with their ‘charms’:
They reel us in and welcome us
With open mouths and arms…

And so those things that once were just
The stuff of tales and dreams
Now take on shape and beckon us
To explore their ghastly themes.

Through darkness, fog and driving rain,
We’re compelled to travel on
Until our nerves and fears conspire
To convince us, this is wrong.

But ’tis too late, the darkness looms
And holds us in its grip:
There’s no escape, for this is real
And it’s not an easy trip.

For while we stay, please be assured
No matter what you do;
The dark places of our fears are real…
For Second Life has you!

s. x

“One candle left to burn now… before the darkness comes”
Vincent Price in ‘The House of Usher’ (1960)

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