Grumpy club owners

Well, that’s got the attention of at least one sl resident, who will just have coughed a mouthful of coffee all over his morning rice crispies! The cheeky git had the temerity to suggest that this blog has become a little thin on the ground, post-wise, just recently, and that when i do write it’s the same old boring stuff about how the lovely Lindens are letting us all down – i’m sorry to say, that earned him a swift kick in the rezzables!

It didn’t help that the venerable old chap is a writer himself – and i did toy with the idea of inviting him to ghost write for me to bring the blog back up to a standard worthy of his reader’s stature. That would have been an extremely bad move, since there’d be a strong likelihood of the blog suddenly becoming extremely ‘not safe for work’, (or any other respectable place, for that matter), and you’d need a dictionary of Typonese just to understand the posts! (Only joking, Mr Grumpy Club Owner… well, a bit!).

Thankfully there were stalwarts present who rallied to my support, one of whom protested that my interminable ranting about the Lindens was perfectly valid – he even went so far as to say that there was a bit of the revolutionary in me coming out in my writing. That’s something i found rather appealing… i can just see myself emblazoned across t-shirts; Che Serendipidy! Vive la revolution!

Let’s not get too carried away though; we’ll return to Mr Grumpy Drawers… Without disclosing too much, let’s just say that he’s led a life that to a great many people would be utterly fascinating, to the extent that it would almost be a crime not to consign his memoirs to the written medium before he loses his marbles entirely. As with so many of us though, he prevaricates, procrastinates and pontificates and doesn’t really consider his reminiscings to be worth sharing – something that i think is a great loss – and i can’t help wondering just what a wealth of stories and tales there might be just waiting to be found amongst the inhabitants of sl, who may be just like him.

The trouble with being a resident of a virtual world is that we only tend to appreciate other residents as virtual beings. To some, that may be the whole point – sl is patently not rl, and many of us are more than happy to have it that way – even so, as so many profiles point out ‘there’s a person behind the avatar’. Even with that particular old standby, the inference is simply, ‘please don’t hurt me’, whereas i think we should perhaps spend a little more time thinking about that person behind the avatar.

To some, this will seem anathema – the whole point of sl surely is to divorce our avatars, at least in some degree, from our real selves? – But please bear with me. i’m not suggesting we should cast aside our privacy and flaunt our real selves when we login, neither am i saying that we should make it our mission to delve into the real lives of our friends and acquaintances… a likely recipe for disaster! What i am suggesting is that we should allow ourselves to develop an appreciation for the real person behind the avatar – after all, it is the real person’s character traits and flaws that we enjoy, the real person’s foibles and wit that attracts us, and the real person’s persona, projected via their avatar, that makes our friendships and relationships so real. In many ways, it’s nonsense not to appreciate the qualities of the real person – and therefore the stories, events and happenings that have shaped their lives and character, since it is those very things that make their company, and for that matter, their avatar so compelling.

If i consider my friends in sl, i rarely think of them now as avatars or in any virtual sense at all really – it is their very real qualities that manage to transcend the pixellated representation on the screen that i engage with, and whereas their avatars may look attractive, interesting or even bizarre, once i get to know them, there’s so much more than just the avatar.

Now, rather than moaning about my blog, Mr Misery Guts Club Owner, how’s about finally getting those memoirs down in print!

s. x

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