Like the corners of my mind

Must. Not. Rant. About. Linden. Lab… resist the temptation… you can do it!

No i can’t… but i’ll make it a quickie! Yeah, bravo on the two new products – that’s exactly what the world has been crying out for: Minecraft for Dummies and a hybrid MS Paint/Flash emulator… well, excuse me if i don’t go out and buy an iPad just so that i get bored of both in a couple of hours.

Granted, that’s a little bit harsh, even coming from the keyboard of Che Serendipidy, but to be honest i’d much rather they squandered their time and resources fixing the bugs on the pre-existing platform they already purport to maintain so that i don’t end up locked out of my own land for over 4 hours, as i was last night! All this after being dumped unceremoniously at a ‘safe hub’, full of about a million other residents, who no doubt were as happy about the state of affairs as i was – like this conversation i overheard whilst incarcerated there…

[13:44] ***oxy: i am new in here 🙂
[13:44] ***oe792: im sooo confused
[13:44] ***oxy: me too

Way to go, Linden Lab, that’s how to hang on to your new signups!

/me takes deep breath

Right, enough of the ranting, and if that’s still too much of a rant for the more sensitive of you who think i’m doing way too much ranting just lately, don’t moan at me – take your concerns to this guy instead!

Let me turn from ranting revolutionary to a maker of shared creative spaces, (oh, i’m sorry, did i steal somebody’s new tagline… so, sue me!), and in today’s shared creative space – otherwise known as a blog post – i want to consider that most remarkable of things: memory.

Memories are – for me – an incredibly important and precious thing and i’m blessed, (or cursed, maybe), with an almost eidetic memory for past events in my life, despite the fact that i’m also hopeless in the extreme at remembering people’s names, where i left my car keys and i frequently have to go shopping twice, to pick up all those things i forgot the first time! However, ask me about a time, an event or occurrence from the past and i’ll have no difficulty at all in recalling it in astounding detail. i’m an avid collector of photographs – i have literally thousands of the things and, almost without exception, you could pick a random photograph and i’d have no trouble in telling you its story… when and where it was taken, the events surrounding it and, perhaps more tellingly, my thoughts and feelings at the time i took it – in this way, i can often find myself re-living and experiencing the past in vivid detail, simply through looking at some old photographs. Similarly, over the years, i’ve surrounded myself with items that mean something to me – souvenirs and curios from holidays, gifts from friends and trinkets that bring to mind the past. To the casual observer it’s just a piece of 10-year old tat, but to me it’s more than just the object; it’s the memory of the shop at the side of the road where i bought it, the smell of hot leather, the conspiratorial whispers of the shopkeeper as we bartered and he scribbled down figures on a scrap of paper in his hand, and then the journey back… the terrible road, the dust, the heat, the warm air against my arm, hanging from the car window… you see, such a small insignificant thing is the key to a wealth of memory and experience.

Today it was a fountain – that particular smell of ozone and tumbling water, the moist air and the sound of cascades, and suddenly, without warning i’m in another city, at another time, experiencing the feelings and the emotions of that other singular moment in time.

The trouble, as with so many memories – especially when they are so vividly recalled – is that they bring with them that wistful yearning for times gone by. That feeling so well known and described by the romantic poets – melancholia – a bittersweet twisting of the emotions that can catch you unaware… a feeling that you’d rather not have descend upon you in the middle of the supermarket, (would you believe spotting a bottle of a certain brand of iced tea in the deli section of the local Tesco had me on the verge of tears?).

Let’s not talk about real life though and, more specifically, my life – because such feelings can also creep up on us in sl too. An outfit or object, stumbled across during an inventory hunt can evoke – for me, anyway – a whole raft of sl memories associated with it… a Sim or a build, perhaps now long-gone; people who were once close friends and the times we spent with them, the places we used to haunt and the things we’d get up to. Then there are the landmarks that we can’t bring ourselves to delete, even though their destinations may no longer even exist… the site of our first build; our first sl home; that club where we spent practically all our spare time…

Only yesterday, i paid a visit to a Sim that i’ve not been to for a very long time. It’s changed a lot but some things are much the same, then i turned a corner and there, in front of me, was a money tree. Instantly i was transported back to my earliest days in sl… travelling from Sim to Sim to hunt down the trees, poking between their branches for the elusive linden notes, and if i was terribly lucky, a piece of fruit. i never did find the golden apple but i learned a great deal along the way.

Dammit! That melancholia is setting in again – time to stop the reminiscing!

It does make me wonder whether these new flash-in-the-pan creations the Lab have come up with will ever be able to evoke that sort of response from their users… y’know, somehow i doubt it.

s. x

Now that I’m falling to the sunlights and a song
I want to know do I stay or do I go
And do I have to do just one
And can I choose again if I should lose the reason ?
Nico – The Fairest Of The Seasons

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