Power to the people!

Oops! Me and my big mouth!

What’s said on the internet doesn’t necessarily stay where it’s put and it’s all too easy as a bloggist to forget that what we post can have an effect beyond the mere written word.

So it was that a humorous observation on my part last week, regarding some of the more anarchic aspects of my personal jottings, re-surfaced in a conversation inworld, leading to the question, “are you going to be selling that t-shirt?” – the particular t-shirt in question being my Che Serendipidy‘ mock-up.

Now, there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of clothing makers in sl whose output ranges from the cheap and tacky to high-end haute couture – i am not one of those people.

It’s been suggested on a number of occasions that maybe i should try my hand at a bit of stitching and sewing but, to be honest, it’s not something about which i can work up any enthusiasm or interest – i’d rather leave it to the experts and give the whole thing a wide berth. In retrospect though, perhaps i should have thought more carefully before giving the answer, “i don’t do clothing”, which was instantly and gleefully seized upon and gesturised, and has already made a few appearances at inappropriate moments – you can always rely on friends in sl to embarrass you mercilessly!

Which is where fate stepped in, in the form of Slate McLeod, scooter manufacturer, DJ and madman extraordinaire, who not only offered to take on the task of creating said t-shirt, but also, for reasons known only to himself decided that last Friday should become Revolutionary Night at Soul Mods.

Believe me, you haven’t experienced ‘weird’, until you’ve turned up at a nightclub in sl to find  everyone wearing t-shirts emblazoned with your image, posters bearing your own face covering every available surface and the DJ adjuring all assembled to join the revolution and follow Yours’ Truly in storming Governor Linden’s mansion, (but not until we’ve finished our drinks, of course)! It was all ever-so-slightly surreal.

“How the heck did i end up here?”, i thought to myself – when, of course, the answer is quite simple… it was all down to me. No, i didn’t bring the tank, make the t-shirts or come up with the idea – but what i did do was say my piece in this blog, as i always do, and that it seems, is more than enough to get the ball rolling.

i’m not at all unique, special or, for that matter, the most opinionated, noteworthy or influential of bloggers, however what you will find, whenever you gather together people of a like mind is that they can often, unconsciously find themselves a spokesperson – someone who will vocalise their concerns, give shape and coherence to their thoughts and bring together common themes and opinions. Often the ‘spokesperson’ will be unaware that this is even happening, but by simple virtue of being prepared to state their views, publicly, they can unintentionally galvanise those who are able to relate to those same opinions and can bring together disparate factions by providing a common ground of agreement and purpose.

Consider, for a moment, the great revolutionaries of the past and the present – certainly, some were people of action but, almost without exception, they were primarily the voice of the masses – those able and prepared to say what others were only thinking, commentators who provided a common thread to the revolution and the figureheads, images and icons with which people identified, not just with themselves, but to the common cause also.

Now, before i get accused of having delusions of grandeur, i’m well aware that there’s a vast difference between spearheading a revolution and having your picture on a few t-shirts for a night of fun – i’m under no illusion there, but we do live in very interesting times, particularly since the advent of the accessible internet. We’ve seen very real, and shocking, revolutions and mass movements that have been facilitated by Twitter and other social media, including blogs and, whilst i may only be interested in blogging about a virtual, rather than the real world, there is nothing to suggest that if the populace of sl were to latch on to a suitable figurehead or spokesperson, who was able to coherently state the feelings of ‘the masses’, that similar things couldn’t happen in the virtual world too. There are certainly precedents from sl’s distant past that support it.

i’m not saying that sl is ripe for revolution, or indeed what form such a revolution might take, but it’s always a possibility, and there are sl bloggers out there with huge followings who really are in touch with the feelings of the people… that’s a pretty powerful mix, when you think about it.

s. x

“They were at the wrong place at the wrong time naturally they became heroes” 
George Lucas: ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’

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