ex machina

And about time too!

i’ve finally managed to get my act together and not only start a new project, but finish it too – beats me how i managed it but, unbelievably, it’s done!

It was way back in January that i opened my exhibition ‘Articles of Faith’ at the Nowhere Land Gallery – it was never meant to be a permanent exhibit of any sort, yet it’s still there, nine month’s later, and i’ve lost count of the number of times i’ve said to myself, “i really must get a new exhibit sorted”. To be fair, a lot has happened in the intervening period: i gained some land, then we had SL9B and the SL9B Story, lots of landscaping and rebuilding, then more land, followed by the Tube Station and the – as yet, unfinished – project to open a store there… but, finally, i’ve knuckled down and come up with a new installation to replace ‘Articles of Faith’.

OK – so it won’t be to everyone’s taste, and there will be those for whom my subject matter  holds little interest and you may even find the images bland, uninspiring and somewhat disappointing. i don’t mind: art – if that’s what it is – is often challenging and one person’s beauty is another’s mess.

Personally, i’m a person of extremes… some might even call me ‘odd’ – i love a vase full of fresh flowers, but i tend to leave them there, long after they’re past their best. A vase full of wilted, dry and discoloured blooms is every bit as appealing to me – they tell a story and they are attractive too, in their own strange manner. This is the intent behind ‘ex machina’.

There is – for me – something poignant, even a kind of sad beauty about a rusting, broken and decaying piece of machinery. There’s an inescapable irony about those mighty servants of ours, cast out on the scrapheap to corrode. Even abandoned they exude a strength and a sense of weighty power that is difficult to ignore… yet broken, they remain forever silenced – their redundant shells a testimony to what once was. Just like the wilted flower, the castaway detritus of heavy industry whispers its story… a story now told in rust, oil and flaking paint.

You can see ‘ex machina’ on the lower floor of the Nowhere Land Gallery, with selected images from past exhibitions upstairs on the mezzanine. Please come and pay a visit – all the works are available to purchase too and, if you really like what you see, or are just intrigued, why not join the group too?

i’d love to know what you think!

s. x

Don’t let me stay, don’t let me stay
My logic says burn so send me away
Your minds are too green, I despise all I’ve seen
You can’t stake your lives on a Saviour Machine
David Bowie – Saviour Machine

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