Thicker than water

When you regularly spend time in sl you soon become aware that bizarre and peculiar coincidences, where the real and virtual worlds collide, can be a fairly common occurrence. That doesn’t make them any less disconcerting – i’ll never forget the sense of perplexity i encountered the day i found a rather distinctive pair of jeans i own in sl hung on the rack in a local charity shop – and when coincidences do occur, we’re occasionally left just a little gobsmacked at the way in which rl and sl can unintentionally mirror each other.

This is particularly salient when we enter into the more esoteric areas of sl, where similarities to the real world should really never exist – then, suddenly, POW! We’re met with a coincidence that leaves us wondering what on earth is going on. As the bard tells us, “there are more things in heaven and earth…”

My sudden compulsion to Halloweenivate Nowhere Land this week has provided me with a rare opportunity to play around with my weather system – something that i only really get a chance to muck about with on special occasions – so far, it’s looking good: apart from a billion or so temporary prims, it doesn’t seem to be causing any noticeable lag – yay! The question was, what sort of weather would give a suitably spooky atmospere… clouds and fog were a definite – lightning too – but plain old rain just seemed a bit boring! Time to trundle out the special effects – my particular system is rather clever, in that it allows me to select any location in the world, and it will mimic what is happening in rl. i toyed with the idea of setting the co-ordinates for my own location for a bit, then realised that setting would almost certainly result in the one thing i’d already discounted… constant rain, (although, according to the experts, it could actually be a lot more exciting than just rain, with a mini-heatwave, torrential rain and even snow all forecast for the next week!). However, freak weather aside, i had far more interesting options up my sleeve!

Meteor showers seemed like a good option, but then flaming pyres and palls of smoke struck me as being more appropriate for Guy Fawkes than Halloween, (now, there’s an idea for November!), so i finally settled for something completely freaky and only possible in sl – or so i thought – raining blood! Lovely!

Here comes the rather bizarre and completely unanticipated coincidence…

There i am, happily catching up on the day’s news, when i came upon this article… yes folks, it’s going to be raining blood in the UK this week! Well, i never saw that one coming! Who, in their right mind would have?

Whatever next? i have to say that i find it ever-so-slightly disconcerting that rl has decided to so closely mimic sl – if things carry on in this fashion, i’m going to have to watch my step inworld… don’t want to be crashing cars, falling off buildings or any similar such dangerous pursuits, just in case!

Coming to think of it, thank goodness i decided not to go with the burning meteors and exploding asteroids – can you imagine the trouble i might have caused if rl decided to follow suit?

s. x

Just let the red rain splash you
Let the rain fall on your skin
Peter Gabriel – Red Rain

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