Jiggery punkery

Those of you who’ve stuck with me since this time last year may have a vague recollection that last October i ventured into the somewhat arcane and baffling world of steampunk and tried my hand at a short story for Halloween.

If you were paying attention, you may also have noticed that i cheated a little, cutting the story off in its prime and leaving everybody guessing – in true Doctor Who cliffhanger style – what on earth was going to happen to our intrepid heroes?

Well, wonder no more – for now, all can be revealed!

Granted, it’s taken a little longer than originally planned, but nobody’s perfect – i’m sure you’ll forgive me!

So, brace yourselves… because tomorrow, at long last it’ll be here! This year’s Halloween special – ‘A Most Peculiar Tale (Part 2)’! 

(And, just in case you missed the first instalment, or have plain forgotten where on earth we’d got to, you can find Part 1, and catch up here!).

s. x

We are victims of fate in our second of life
Desperation is loyal as we doubt and confide
When life has renounced and faith has decayed
All the dreams that we dream will descend with today
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Let The Words of My Murder Be The Last Words You Hear

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