Rubble mania

It’s a rare occasion indeed that you’ll see any sort of a review in the pages of this blog – which is exactly the way i like it. Nobody ever sends me stuff to review anyway, which as far as i’m concerned, is a good thing and – as far as anyone else is concerned – an even better thing. No-one wants to see their products trashed by someone who hasn’t got a clue what they’re on about, will take dorky pictures that concentrate more on the scenery that on what’s being reviewed and whose interest in any subject rarely lasts any longer than a couple of sentences – and that, my friends, is exactly the sort of review than i’m stunningly good at!

Besides which, there are certain rumours, out there in the blogosphere, or so i’m led to believe, that there are apparently already several zillion sl review blogs, covering everything from body parts to breedables, (see – that’s me to a tee… can’t even be bothered to come up with an ‘A to Z’, so you’re getting a ‘B to B’!). Coming to think of it, there’s even sl blogs reviewing other sl blogs… it’s madness, i tell ya!

Consequently, you’re spared my inane – and frankly terribly dull – appraisals of all things buyable, watchable, wearable and breakable in sl, at least for most of the time. (‘In today’s picture, Seren is wearing a pair of shoes that she found knocking around in her inv,; a necklace that someone gave her for her rez day; a top from a shop that closed down sometime last year and a pair of jeans from a store that she did have an LM for, but has somehow managed to lose it. Hair is from that place she usually buys all her hair from, and she couldn’t be bothered to find out about her eyes. Sorry for the lack of shadows, dramatic lighting and interesting poses, but it all seemed like a bit too much work for an outfit she’ll never actually wear’).

However, all that aside, occasionally something in sl will find its way into that cupboard in my brain labelled ‘Things worth telling other people about’, and the end result of such a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence is a post such as this one.

Actually, now i think about it, i’ve just written nearly 400 words about how i don’t do reviews, and this isn’t even a review in the strict sense of the word – it’s more about bringing your attention to something that i think deserves a wider audience… who needs reviews anyway? Anyone who’s ever read a bunch of reviews on the sl Marketplace, or one of those hotel booking sites will know just how ridiculously subjective the damn things are. So, in the best traditions of such things, if it’s objectivity and unbiased opinion you’re looking for, forget it! At this point, i could be all pretentious and pretend that my views are dreadfully important and give you all sorts of disclaimers about how i’m friends with the person involved… but, let’s face it, that’s just twaddle and no-one really cares anyway, so you’ve been warned!

Slate McLeod, who i happen to think makes some of the best scooters in sl, (you’ll find his store on the Penny Lane sim – sorry i don’t have the proper LM, you’ll have to wander around until you find it… damn, i’m good at this!), is carving out a bit of a reputation as an sl machinimatographer. Starting from humble roots, making gently satirical videos for a select group of friends, he’s gone from strength to strength, culminating recently with his magnum opus – The Rubbles: A Musical Documentary.

‘Filmed almost entirely in Second Life, this is the story of four boys from Blackpool who conquered the pop charts in the nineteen sixties. Loosely based on another group you may have heard of, but with much artistic licence’

SL machinima tends to fall into two distinct categories – ‘arty’, and ‘a few screen caps cobbled together with minimal editing skills to make an interminable jumbled pastiche of somebody’s rez day celebration’ – The Rubbles is neither. Not that i have anything against either of the more usual genres, it’s just a refreshing change to see something that’s both different and well done – if you’re a fan of Sean Krueger’s ‘Man vs Second Life’ machinimas, then i’m guessing you’ll probably enjoy ‘The Rubbles’ too.

Certainly, there are a few ‘in-jokes’ and it’s quintessentially a Brit culture theme, but please don’t let any of that put you off – it’s an impressive piece of work and one that really does deserve to be seen by a wide audience.

And, since this has probably been one of the crappiest reviews of anything you’re ever had the misfortune of reading… i’ll let you make your own minds up!

s. x

“I have to say that nothing beats the look on someone’s face when making a successful delivery”
Delivery Man – The Rubbles: A Musical Documentary (2012

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