Another update! – 9th November

Grrr, i’m slipping.

Nowhere near enough time to stay on top of this thing… i’ve created a monster! No idea how you guys are keeping up with it – i’m certainly not – maybe you’re just reading every other word or something – takes half the time but twice the effort.

Too many pages and threads, that’s the trouble… some have always been occasional updates, but others… well, it’s shameful how i let them drift. Ah well, if it’s a choice between  posting here, or posting in the blog backwaters, then this page is going to win every time.

Life intrudes, there’s that job thing that really has to be done and, somewhere in between, i have to squeeze the blog… i suppose i could always give up sleeping?

Anyway, back to what i should have said at the beginning – Skybald… i haven’t forgotten it, so if you are following the story, you’ll find the next instalment, ‘Offline’ on the appropriate page. (Scroll down… you’ll find it!)

Off to get some shut-eye.

s. x

Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all 
The needle returns to the start of the song 
And we all sing along like before
Del Amitri – Nothing Ever Happens

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