Needful things

Have you ever undertaken that thought-exercise where you’re presented with the scenario of a blazing home, from which you can save only two items as you escape the flames?

Over the years, it’s a scenario that has run through my mind at various times, although in reality, i doubt that anyone – much less myself – would have either the presence of mind or the opportunity to put such a rescue plan into practice.

So, what two things would i take? That’s a tricky one indeed – i’m not overly materialistic, and what material goods i do own can always be replaced, (if i ever get around to sorting out home contents insurance, that is!); it’s what’s left after that which leaves me with a huge dilemma, since pretty much all of it has enormous sentimental value and meaning to me – choosing just two items to rescue is near-impossible.  So, faced with an impossible choice, i’ve had to opt for practicality.

Item #2 would have to be my Napier coffee maker. Yes, it’s ridiculously cumbersome to grab mid-flight, awkward, and absolutely the craziest item to wish to save, but for me it would be essential for restoring my sanity after any disaster. A good, strong, freshly-brewed coffee is the ultimate restorative, as far as i’m concerned – giving succour and able to re-establish some sort of perspective – if you can brew coffee after almost all your worldly possessions have been consumed in flames, then there’s hope for you. Then there’s the act itself of brewing… something that requires attention and focus – far removed from just chucking a spoonful of freeze-dried into a mug – it’s, calming and ultimately satisfying. Strange though it may seem, the act of making a cup of coffee is, for me, a sign that life goes on.

And my #1 rescued item? – My hard drives. My life in binary form: my photography, my music, my writing; the past and the present – it’s all there and, even if i were to lose everything else, i think the loss of my data would leave me totally inconsolable! (i know, i’m weird!).

How about sl? What if a catastrophic inventory crash left you bereft of its entire contents – if you could rescue just two items, what would you save?

Many of us have experienced the joy of losing inventory at some point in our second lives – at best, it’s an irritation, at worst it can be an expensive and upsetting event. In the past i’ve lost gifts given to me by good friends and items that simply can’t be replaced, and if we leave those sort of things aside, replacing lost inventory is a time-consuming and often expensive task. So, just imagine facing that choice… what two items would you choose to save?

This is an even trickier question for me than the rl equivalent, but when i think about it, i’d have to save something that’s intrinsically personal to me and that i’ve wholly come to identify with as an avatar. So, i’d – quite literally – save my skin!

The beauty of sl for many of us is the freedom we have to change our appearance at will, yet for me, that is not something that i undertake lightly. My skin may not be the most elegant, up-to-date or elaborate that sl can offer but it is me,  and that’s been the case for some three years now. As far as i’m concerned, without that skin, Seren loses a huge part of her identity – odd maybe, but i’d be completely gutted to lose it.

As for the other item – well, it’s an odd one!  i have a lip piercing that i’ve worn almost continuously since the day i bought it – and that was quite some time ago. Somehow, this piercing has become an almost permanent attachment – doubly peculiar because in rl it’s the sort of thing that i could never contemplate or possibly consider, yet in sl it just feels right! As far as i’m concerned, it’s become a part of my identity and, for that reason, i’d want to save it.

How about you? What would you save?

s. x

Tumbling like the leaves
We are spiralling on the breeze
Almost to the point of no return
Every thing will burn baby burn
Emmy The Great – Burn Baby Burn

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2 Responses to Needful things

  1. jellie says:

    In rl I would take my one of memory sticks – they have all my novels and various other bits on there, and if I was allowed, I’d grab a suitcase so I could collect a few more things of mine and other people’s.
    I had to leave somewhere quickly about 5 years ago, the first thing I grabbed was my laptop carrier/briefcase as it had most of my novels in there, then I took my favourite pillow as it had (And still has) a lot of sentimental value.

    In sl I would take my hair as it’s the only style I’ve found that I like and my soul mate. Xxx

  2. Good choices, jels Bells!
    s. x

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