Under where?

How far does real-world convention extend into sl, even when it’s not strictly necessary?

Take my underwear, for example (no! i didn’t mean it like that!). If we consider undies in rl, they perform very necessary functions  – whatever our gender, our undercrackers provide comfort, warmth and support, and a degree of hygiene that we otherwise lack. i suppose that in some contexts they have other functions too where form takes precedence over function and our frillies can take on a rather more aesthetic character, which we can’t really ignore.

However, when it comes to sl, most of the above is – if you’ll excuse the pun – completely immaterial since, in the vast majority of circumstances the practical uses for underwear are irrelevant, leaving only two real reasons for us to be wearing it. Firstly, when we shed our top layers, it’s the only thing preserving our modesty and preventing us from being stark naked, (after all, you never know exactly who might be spying when you’re in that ‘safe from prying eyes’ changing room); and, secondly, there’s the purely decorative function it fulfils when we wish to appear at our best, whilst remaining at least partially clothed. These, in themselves, i suppose are justification for the existence of underwear in sl – something that is perfectly reasonable and understandable, but what is less easily explained is why i – and presumably there are others too – find it necessary to wear a full complement of underwear inworld, beneath our outer garments, when we are otherwise fully dressed?

Even when wrapped up in so many layers it would take a team of experts in pass-the-parcel a month to disrobe me, i absolutely insist on wearing my smalls underneath it all – in fact, without them, no matter how fully dressed i may otherwise be, i just don’t feel at all comfortable.

Considering that no-one, other than myself, ever gets to see what lurks beneath the surface, i have an alarming quantity of lingerie stashed in my inventory and, if i’m out shopping and happen to see something lacy and pretty i have a hard time fighting off the urge to part with my hard-earned cash… all very odd when you consider, that unlike so many in sl, for whom the need to walk around in nothing but underwear seems obligatory, mine will always, almost without exception, never be intentionally visible to the outside world!

Preserving my modesty

So, you can’t see them, they’re certainly not on public display and, since i don’t generally engage in the sort of activities that involve jiggling around on a poseball whilst semi-clothed, the chances that you will ever see me in my scanties are highly unlikely – so there’s really no need for the things. Yet, beneath the jackets, sweaters, tops, jeans and all fourteen other layers of outer wear that i’ll be bedecked in you’ll invariably find that i’m wearing a full set of underwear – completely invisible to the world at large and serving no practical purpose whatsoever.

Is it simply a case of real world convention seeping into the virtual environment that causes me to act in this irrational fashion? Or is the need to be ‘respectably dressed’ rooted in something deeper within my psyche? If i’m honest, it’s probably the latter explanation that holds true – i think that i need the security blanket of being ‘fully dressed’, even if there’s no reason, practical or otherwise for it: it just makes me feel more comfortable and confident. That’s basically it, and i’m pretty certain that’s the way that it’s going to stay too!

s. x

I’d give my whole life to see it.
Just you stood there only in your underwear.
Pulp – Underwear

Bonus time!

The sheer amount of raw talent in sl never ceases to amaze me – from amateur hobbyist to accomplished professional, every aspect of artistry is represented in the virtual world and i don’t think i’ve ever come across an environment where authors and writers of every kind flourish quite so freely.

i was recently passed some pieces of writing by an sl resident, with the instruction ‘do whatever you want with them’. Personally, i feel that what they’ve written is both engaging and intriguing, and i think it deserves a wider audience so, for the first time ever on this blog, here’s somebody else’s writing – the author wishes to remain anonymous, but nevertheless, i hope you enjoy what they have to say…


There i thought: so you go to few places, do few things, now look at your landmarks…… so many you thought worthy of saving from the past, chances are you have forgotten who or what many are.

Could it be that on SL it is so easy to go places that for the lack of effort involved – in RL even the simplest visit to, say a shop, involves time effort and cost – that you have to be motivated and have a curiosity or need?

Once inside the shop you seek payback for all your efforts.

Or maybe internet shopping has grabbed your cash, flitting from one web page to another searching for the lowest price or the perfect colour? Now, RL shopping and SL shopping starts to merge the differences.

Retail therapy: laughs as the expression amuses me, and yet it appears to be valid. Now consider the price of a good RL therapy session… Yes, frightening. So now SL – winning plus wearing your new outfit can attract compliments the same night, which – be honest -never hurts.

Now SL is in the lead for shopping it plays its ace card. In RL shopping you always have one eye on, ‘is it me?’; ‘where can I wear it?’; ‘how many times?’; ‘will it wash ok?’; ‘does my bum look big in this?’.

Then one night on SL, you arrive at a club dressed in an erotic, quite revealing outfit. Never in the history of you, have you ever in your wildest dreams even, considered doing such a thing, or have you?


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