Update – 19th November

Sometimes, i scare myself.

There are some depths that should never be plumbed – places we don’t go, because it’s just not nice.

i’m not talking about the freakish monsters and horrors that we relish seeing upon the movie screen or in the pages of our bedtime read – we can always leave the cinema, close the book and turn on the light and they will go away: they’re just fiction.

Some things are real, and they just don’t go away.

These are the worst horrors – they are all too real, and nobody is entirely safe.

Alt. life: – This is going to hurt, quite a lot actually.

s. x

I will make you hurt
Nine Inch Nails – Hurt 

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One Response to Update – 19th November

  1. re: Hurt
    The version that will tear your heart out is by Johnny Cash, recorded in the depths of his anguish after June died and shortly before he died himself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l95D7leeU3w

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