No news is… pretty boring really

A slow news week happening in Second Life,
one completely without any trouble or strife
is a bit of a pain for bloggers like me:
Looking for something that might be newsworthy,
and i’m terribly sorry, i have to be frank,
for a post today, i’ve drawn a complete blank.

i’ve made nothing new
and explored nowhere quaint;
haven’t got into trouble
(i’ve been quite a saint!);
no great bargains to share
or stories to tell;
no hard disks to repair
or journeys from hell.

All the lag and bad connections have been much the same,
pointless whinging about them in the usual refrain;
there’s been nothing unusual to spoil all my fun,
just the usual suspects – nothing new under the sun.
No fanfare announcements of stunning new features,
and i’ve not been bitten by vampire-like creatures!

i suppose, if i tried,
i could make something up?
How about, “Well done, Rodvik…
A new game that doesn’t suck!”
But, you wouldn’t believe me,
and i really can’t lie –
so i’ll stick to the facts,
or – at least – i can try!

The fact of the matter is that i’ve nothing to say;
my brain has stopped working – my thoughts gone astray.
The well of inspiration has run rather dry,
it’s almost enough to make a blogger cry.
But, i know from experience that this state won’t last
and soon it’ll be just a blot in the past!

And so, my dear readers
i’ll try harder next time,
and write a proper post –
not a crappy, daft rhyme!
But at least you’ve had something,
which is better than nowt;
And if you can do better…
then, please, give me a shout!

s. x

Nothing, nothing, nothing.
The Fugs – Nothing

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2 Responses to No news is… pretty boring really

  1. jellie says:

    Lol excellent rhyme! 🙂 xx

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