…do i care about the passing of virtual people i’ve never met more than real people i know intimately?

/me sobs inconsolably

s. x

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4 Responses to Why?

  1. jellie says:

    I think it’s very easy to get emotionally attached to virtual people we haven’t actually met. We’re used to seeing their name pop up when they log in or out, we read their profiles and laugh and share things with them. They become a part of our virtual lives and because we connect to them emotionally, it hurts when they’re no longer there.

    Sending you huge hugs, love and support. xxx

  2. I have been wondering the same thing. I lost my SL sis this past Thursday.

  3. Virtual people? We’re all real, it’s only our pretty pixels that are virtual. Beyond our prims, beyond our avatar mesh, beyond our agent presence on a server is a beating heart. Anyone can create an avatar, make it look good, all of that — but it’s that person who gave their avatar life… that is who we miss. 😦

  4. Thank you, friends, and bless you all.
    s. x

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