You may say i’m a dreamer

Life generally requires us to be practical, and that’s something that i’m pretty good at, most of the time. My job demands that i’m able to effectively plan, meet deadlines, manage a team of staff and the expectations and requirements of stakeholders, whilst taking a pragmatic approach to obstacles and overcoming problems. Similarly, i’m pretty practical and hands-on outside the workplace – some would say borderline OCD! i have my routines that ensure things requiring attention are dealt with as necessary, and it’s a rare occasion that i’m caught out or not in control in the midst of a crisis. If i’ve a train to catch, i’ll check the times the day before i travel; a location to be in – i’ll work out the route beforehand; equipment to take – batteries will be charged, backups available and everything checked and packed well in advance.

Put me in sl though and my character changes completely. You can wave goodbye to practicality, organisation and planning and say hello to the dreamer and ditherer!

Dreamers are not particularly encouraged in the real world – the pressure is always on to achieve and to concentrate on the task in hand. When in school, my teachers constantly criticised me for being a ‘daydreamer’ and for staring out of the window, when i should have been concentrating on my work; yet, some of our greatest thinkers and achievers have been dreamers – Einstein dreamed of riding into space upon rays of light, leading him to conceive the Theory of Relativity, to name just one.

Perhaps we all need space to dream from time to time, and sl is exceptionally tolerant of dreamers. it’s just as well really, because most of my time inworld seems to be a sort of unfocussed, shambling, dreamlike haze! Don’t expect me to show any of the organisational ability i have offline, once i log in – it’s just not going to happen!

It’s quite literally been months since i built The Tubestation, with my grand plans of starting up in business and selling… er, stuff. i’ve even got as far as putting together some funky furniture to sell; but that was weeks ago and i still haven’t managed to get around to putting sits in the chairs or poses on the sofas. That’s about the sum total of my efforts to date – chairs that can’t be sat on!

It’s not that i don’t have the time – i have plenty – but i’d rather be wandering around, dreamlike, doing nothing in particular, exploring new locations or asking myself the fateful question… “What if i tried this…”

Take yesterday: a fairly typical sequence of events – i logged in, with plenty of time to play around with. Great opportunity to sort out those chairs then? Erm, no… not a hope! Instead, i found myself pondering whether i could replace my helipad with a pine forest – a thought that turned out not only to be eminently possible, but also rather pleasing in its end result. It does leave the vexed question of where i’m going to land my fleet of helicopters, but there’s always the roof of The Gallery, i suppose? Following my spot of forestry landscaping, i went for a jaunt around a few stores, a bit of an explore and then ended up dancing in a club with a few friends… a productive session, then!

SL for me is a place of ‘what ifs’, ‘i wonders’ and, ‘tum-te-tum…’, that is, it’s a place for speculation, wondering and daydreaming without any particular direction to follow. If i was a scientist and wanted to categorise my mindset when in sl, i’d probably say it was blue skies thinking, but the bottom line is that most of the time, i log in and switch off!

i do enough serious thinking in rl, Second Life is my place to dream.

s. x

Cheer up, Sleepy Jean.
Oh, what can it mean.
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming queen.
The Monkees – Daydream Believer

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