3fb9e16b6292c36f25d3c5f7be6e-post_largeMany the time i’ve entertained ideas about working from home – the convenience, comfort, lack of idiot colleagues and abundance of frequent tea are pretty powerful plus points as far as i’m concerned, although the odds are against me, unless i decide to pursue my career in a somewhat different manner – if it were possible – or take the plunge and attempt something completely different, (extremely scary and highly unlikely).

Experts suggest that working from home is more productive and that those who do so work harder and longer hours than those who follow a more traditional working pattern. That may be so, for the majority, but the experts neglect to mention that there are always exceptions to the rule and, in this case, it’s me.

If there’s one thing that a couple of days off, in addition to the normal weekend – when all the housework has been done and there’s little else to demand my attention – has taught me, it’s that i’d be rubbish at working from home! Given the opportunity to do whatever i wanted, with the time to do it in, i’ve managed to fill that time with pretty much nothing at all.

dream_001There were blog pieces to be written, other writing i could have got to grips with, longstanding unfinished projects in sl, just begging me to apply myself to them all of which have been completely ignored and left undone, and what have i managed to do instead? – Absolutely nothing at all. Yes, without the distractions that normally fill my life, with no excuses to be elsewhere or to do other things, all i appear to have managed to do is watch a few movies, generally lounge about and eat lots of chocolate. Hardly a productive few days. (Having now re-read that last bit, i realise that it looks a lot like there’s not much that happens in my world outside of sl… which, scarily, is perhaps true!)

Now there are those who have told me that there is nothing wrong with taking things easy and that it’s perfectly ok not to write, build, explore or do any of the many things that i tend to equate with ‘being productive’ – and here i’m talking about recreational things, as opposed to proper work – that there is nothing wrong with doing nothing, simply socialising or even stringing things out forever and a day. i fully accept that argument; unfortunately i find it very difficult to subscribe to. Having an opportunity to spend my free time in a productive manner, with a tangible and worthwhile outcome, yet not taking full advantage of it is, for me, almost unforgivable – yet, whenever the chance arises, that’s exactly what i find myself guilty of doing.

In itself, it’s no big deal – apart from the knowledge that leisure time squandered is time that i’ll never get back, it’s hardly the end of the world – but, if making a living depended upon it, then i’d be well and truly scuppered. i know, from experience that even though i would probably describe myself in many ways as highly motivated, there are particular circumstances when all that motivation just goes out of the window. Put me in a work environment, or within a group working with a purpose, or up against a demanding deadline and i will deliver the goods, consistently, on time and above and beyond the call of duty – but cut me free from the bounds of ‘work’ or ‘responsibility’ and put me in a place where my time is my own, and everything falls apart.

There is, i’m convinced, a misfiring synapse in my brain, or a loose connection, or simply a barrier to comprehension that somehow means that no matter how important or necessary something may be, if it falls within the domain of my own time, then the chances of it happening are hugely diminished. On my kitchen worktop, i have a pile of things that need to be done… items to be posted, paperwork to be completed and people to be contacted – some of them have been there all year and there’s little likelihood of me getting around to them any time in the near future… coming to think of it, i could have sorted out the whole lot in the time i had over Christmas! The same is true of all those things i really need to get around to in sl – in some cases, things that are being paid for and providing no return on my investment – but, somehow, i just can’t get around to them.

That’s why i’ll never find myself working from home. Even though the time will be technically ‘work’ time, my brain will never accept that it’s not my own, and nothing will ever get done.

Time for another cup of tea!

s. x

See my face, it’s not a trace
No reality
I don’t work
I just speed that’s all that I need
The Sex Pistols – I’m A Lazy Sod

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