Is that it?

tumblr_me5afumPpa1qjc162o1_500_largeAnyone know where i can get a 2013 Mayan calendar? My old one seems to be out of date.

It’s that weird time of year that some of us love, some of us hate and some really couldn’t give a fig about – a time when nostalgia and expectation come together in an unholy marriage of reflection about the year that’s passed and predicting what the year to come will bring. Neither is an exact science, since the past is tainted by emotions and perspective and the future, no matter how hard we may try to pin it down, is unknown. Even so, everybody from bloggers to hard-core journalists, professional pundits through to Auntie Nellie will all have their individual take on the year that’s gone and what next year will bring, with the result that during the last couple of weeks of any year we’re bombarded with endless reviews and predictions. Today’s post will, i’m afraid, be no different!

It’s with some embarrassment that i cast my mind back to December 2010, when i made some – frankly ridiculous – predictions about what 2011 would bring for sl. With the exception of just one, which eventually materialised last year, every single one of my sl predictions has failed to make an appearance, and with hindsight, i have to wonder what on earth was i thinking at the time? My predictions for this year, however, were almost all bang on the money – uncannily so.

So what did i get right, and where was i wide of the mark?

Relics from the past

Relics from the past

Server side improvements
OK, so my timing was ever so slightly out in some respects, but we certainly saw some of the fruits of Project Shining and Project Sunshine implemented and, if we include the project viewers, then you could say that almost all my predictions for 2012 became reality. With the beefing-up of the graphics pipeline and all the other server-side improvements that have apparently been made throughout the year, it’s almost as if the Lab are trying to claw their way into the 21st Century.

Viewer 1 deprecation
Well, who would have thought it? Certainly not the die-hards clinging to their V1 viewers, albeit with meshy bolt-ons. Yet way back at the beginning of last year i was forecasting the death-knell. Again, my timing was a little off – June came and went and still V1 battles on, but not for much longer… give it a couple of months at the most, and V1 will be consigned to that great software library in the sky… and Opensim, of course.

Linden Realms
Told you so!

Bots everywhere
Wanted or not, pathfinding has arrived. Thankfully, my worst fears have yet to come true, although pathfinding has certainly proved itself to be a real pain in the butt during its implementation, particularly to flight and sailing enthusiasts. All told though, my gut feeling is that it’s been pretty much a damp squib and is going to have only minimal impact upon our SLives.

The mystery projects
No longer a mystery, Creatorverse, Patterns, Dio and Versu are all at various stages of development and, sort of, fit into some of the possibilities i predicted. Still too early to call though on how successful these may be.

Wild supposition and crazy imaginings
An unholy marriage: Yep… hello to Steam.
The class divide: Yep… just like i said.

A safe future?

A safe future?

i didn’t do so badly, after all! So, what does the year ahead have in store for us? That’s a tricky one, so i’m just going to plump for a bit of craziness!

Reclaim the Sims!
Militant residents will stage a take over of sl – camping in safe hubs and Welcome Islands and insisting that sl belongs to them and that the Linden Capitalist scum are evil.

I’m a Linden, get me outta here!
The Lab will experience a mass exodus of employees who, fearing the dreaded Skype call from HR for a minor infringement of the Tau of Linden, will jump ship and sell their souls to Cloud Party, leaving only Torley and Rodvik behind to feed the meeroos that power the servers.

Economy Drive.
With no prior warning, LL will suddenly announce that gambling and banking are to return to sl. In the subsequent sudden rush of new sign-ups that completely fails to occur, several hundred land barons and sl institutions lose a fortune in speculative investments, going bankrupt and destabilising the Linden Dollar to such an extent that the Lab is forced to reduce tier in an effort to stay afloat.

Shock, horror!
In an interesting and unexpected development, a gridnaught system will be trialled, allowing sl residents to TP to other grids, including those hosted on their own computers. The only drawback will be that – due to restrictions on IP rights – unless avatars happen to be wearing clothing they created themselves, they’ll inevitably end up naked on arrival, leading to a huge media scandal that sl is all about sex. Sign-ups will go through the roof!

So, there you have it – and if any of the above are as accurate as last year’s predictions then i’ll eat my virtual hat!

s. x

I hear them saying
Tomorrow’s just another day
I hear them saying
And it gets better every day
Madness – (Tomorrow’s) Just Another Day

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