Half a million

483339_543542932323385_541644370_n_large…Maybe a little more.

That’s a rough estimate of how many words i’ve written for this blog, since starting it a couple of years ago. Then there’s another 9000 that i’ve written as part of my ongoing ‘10,000 Words’ project – a collection of 100-word stories that i may, (if i have the gumption), publish next year. You’ll have seen some of them over in the sidebar throughout the year, and others have made an appearance over at Crap Mariner’s site, whilst, still others have never yet seen the light of day. i’ve also been experimenting with writing in a very different style, in the background… whether that comes to anything remains to be seen.

In the vast scale of things, that’s not really a lot of words, i suppose, but for me, it’s a lot of focussed thinking, soul-searching, rehashing, time-consuming effort. Not that i mind – it’s a very satisfying process and one that i’ve said many times before, i’d happily undertake even if no-one was reading this stuff. However, that is clearly not so…

i still get the heebie-jeebies when i look at the site stats for this blog: 17000 views this year, with nearly 28000 views in total – which to some bloggers may seem like chickenfeed, but to someone like me, with a friend’s list of only 15 people, and still determinedly refusing to ‘go public’ and invite search engines into my private little world – it’s pretty staggering, and ever so slightly terrifying!

desk_001There’s no need to be frightened though, because you have been the best audience that a blogger could wish for: supportive, encouraging, good-humoured and kind. You’ve put up with my rants and my faults, been there when i needed solace and laughed at my – sometimes-not-terribly-funny – jokes. It’s something that i’m extremely grateful for and i value all of you, from the most vocal of commentators, to the quiet ones in the background – you’re all fab!

Before i started blogging, i had little idea of what a blog was – the concept was alien to me and i couldn’t understand why anybody would want to write, or read a blog. To some extent, that remains true – i don’t really know why i write, or what purpose it serves… perhaps that’s why this blog is so eclectic in its ramblings? Neither do i really understand why i’ve become – particularly over the last year – such an avid reader of other bloggers; not a huge number of blogs, but there are some that have become as much a part of my day as The Metro is for the daily commute. You’ll find some of them in the blogroll, somewhere on the right of the page.

It’s weird… i feel this year that i’ve forged connections with other bloggers, whom i’ve never met in either of our worlds, yet we share a common bond and understanding that is hard to define and there is something quite enervating to know that your blog is frequented and appreciated by another blogger. So to Shug, Whiskey, Crap, Shauna, SpaceCase, Pay, Becky, Dude, Cristina, Marianne, Pussycat, and all the other bloggers who take time out from their own crazy schedules to poke their head around my virtual door… Thank you!

As for the New Year, well it won’t be so much different from the old one – in rl there’s a couple of things bubbling under which may mean some upheaval for me, but i’ll deal with those as they come. As for sl, i know the futility of trying to predict what will happen there – i had no idea about the things that were going to occur for me at the beginning of 2012, and i think i prefer it to stay that way. Resolutions: i don’t do them, but there are a few things i want to try and nail in the New Year – having failed dismally to get to grips with Blender, i’ve finally given it up as a bad deal, so i’ve switched to ZBrush and i’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much more intuitive it is, so just maybe i’ll finally be able to add sculpties to my virtual CV in 2013… i live in hope!

Whatever next year brings, i’m sure there’ll be some surprises along the way and i sincerely hope that any surprises in the pipeline, for any of you reading this, will all be of the variety that bring a smile to your face!


Happy New Year!

s. x

Given in the light
Written on the pages 
Is the answer to a never ending story…
Limahl – Neverending Story

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2 Responses to Half a million

  1. Slate says:

    I am also struggling with Blender, Seren. Given it a few goes but it really requires me to sit down for an entire weekend and concentrate on it as it’s so complex. I have a RL guy helping me but it’s still a brain bender !

    • Yep… my brain feels rather sprained! ZBrush makes a lot more sense to me – unfortunately, i can’t access it at home. Also tried playing with Sculptris – it’s worth a go, but fairly limited. Keep on bashing away though – you’ll get there!
      s. x

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