Update: 2nd January

tumblr_lib9ovNytq1qza0fjo1_500_largeIt’s a new year, and what started off as promising, warm and sunny yesterday, has reverted back to last year’s gloomy, wet and dull normality. Being back in work doesn’t help either!

Well, if there’s one thing that might possibly be a little more uplifting, it’s to know that it could be so much worse… time, i think, for another instalment of my cheery little fairytale, Skybald. It’s been almost two months since the last episode, so i’ll forgive you, if you’ve forgotten where we were, but as you scroll down to the bottom to find today’s instalment – Safehouse – I’m sure your memory will be remarkably refreshed.

2013bear_001As if that wasn’t enough jollity to counteract the general misery of having to face a whole new year, the dawn of 2013 marks the birth of a brand new bear! Yep, if you’d like one of my lollipop-licking 2012 Seren bears, tough! You can’t have one, he is officially retired for ever… however, ask me nicely inworld and i’ll happily send you my brand-new, umberella-wielding, 2013 wearable bear; what more could you possibly want to get your year off to a swinging start? (You can IM me if i’m online, failing which, send me a notecard because my IMs get capped pretty frequently, and i’d hate you to think i was ignoring you!)

s. x

And this old world is a new world
And a bold world
Nina Simone – Feeling Good

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