Update: 8th January

541adbd2590f11e2890322000a9e48f1_7_largeIt’s been far too long since i indulged the evil twin that stalks my brain… probably a good thing really, then again, if we bottle up all the less savoury stuff, what’s to stop it building up to critical mass and squirting out of our ears at the bus stop, or some other inconvenient moment?

Can’t have that, can we? So in order to prevent unnecessary messiness, it’s time for Alt. life: to rear its ugly head for the first time this year. i should mention, that although this is a work of fiction, i’ve almost convinced myself that it could well be true… ‘Pot of tea for one’

Nurse, is it time for my medication, yet?

s. x

and every occasion
ill be ready for the funeral
and every occasion once more
its called the funeral
Band of Horses – The Funeral

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