Great Expectations

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERALast week didn’t quite turn out as i’d planned – what should have been a fruitful and productive time for catching up with bits and pieces needing my attention and maybe an opportunity for tidying-up, sorting-out and blowing the dust off a number of possible avenues that have lain undisturbed for a while turned out not to be. It was a most disappointing week – not, i’d hasten to add, because the spirit wasn’t willing, but it was this poor old mortal flesh that was just too weak.

What started the week as the unpleasant nastiness of ‘flu, developed into an affliction of monstrous proportions, eventually necessitating a visit to the ‘out-of-hours’ doctor who gleefully informed me that i didn’t have meningitis, however my blood pressure was disturbingly high, although – despite all signs to the contrary – it was very unlikely that my head would explode Scanners -fashion, (which might have been a blessed relief!). i’m pumped full of so many interesting and diverse drugs right now that i feel like an escapee from Trainspotting, likesay!

This, i’m afraid, is the inescapable singular fact of life that applies to being human – no matter how immersed and enshrouded within the virtual world we may be, it is the ravages of time, the state of our corporeal selves and the demands that the real world imposes upon us that determines our path, and there’s very little we can do about it. We are but passengers on the journey of life, and when the driver decides to take a diversion, we have little choice, other than to go along for the ride.

writing_001Over the course of recent months, i’ve seen bloggers fall silent, avatars become absent and a whole host of friends in the virtual community fall victim to pretty much every worldly inconvenience going – from changes of location to new jobs, illness to new relationships and even the sad, but inevitable, permanent losses that are bound to occur from time to time. We like to think that we’re immune from such things, but every one of us is subject to the whims of change and circumstance, no matter how well ordered out lives may be. At best, it can be annoying – as my own little excursion into the land of ickyness has made me all too aware – at worst, the real world can intrude into the virtual to such an extent that businesses may suffer, connections may be lost and opportunities missed.

Of course, i realise that we can’t turn ourselves into virtual Miss Havisham’s, shutting ourselves away from reality to the extent that we force the world to revolve around our own perception of what we wish it to be – no matter how warped or outlandish that may be – but it would be extremely pleasant, if just now and again we could pop the ‘AFK’ sign up above our heads in rl, and retire into the virtual world to escape the more irritating moments of rl.

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way.

s. x

Get into the car 
We’ll be the passenger 
We’ll ride through the city tonight 
See the city’s ripped insides
Iggy Pop – Passenger

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