tumblr_m94u8ib1hd1qefzooo1_1280_largeAt any given time, there’s an awful lot being written about sl – and those who aren’t writing about it are taking photo’s of various bits of it, or writing about what other people have written about sl.

With all this worthy wordiness, it can be a bit of a nightmare keeping up with what’s going on in the metaverse, especially when you suffer from the affliction, with which i’m blessed, of link clickititis! i try to ration my blog reading, but even so, once i plunge into the mega-morass of blogs that surround sl it can be quite some time before i eventually re-surface, gasping for air and a good helping of perspective.

Thankfully, there are a few rules of thumb that i tend to apply which keep me on the cusp of sanity: i tend to never visit strictly fashion blogs… it’s not that i have no interest in sl fashion, but what puts me off is the mind-numbing sameness of the damn things. Whilst there are those who want nothing more than a (sometimes) half-decent avatar photo, followed by a list of earrings, tops, shoes and knickers, along with their attendant creators and SLurls, that sort of thing leaves me completely cold i’m afraid. Helpfully, that rules out several million blogs that i can just scratch off the reading list straight away.

Similarly, i’ve little interest in blogs that are produced by content creators and stores simply to showcase their wares. Although i understand the rationale, it just doesn’t float my boat. Neither do blogs that are entirely along the lines ‘What I did in sl this week, especially all the people that have p*ssed me off and I’ve defriended’ – no doubt very interesting if you happen to be in the writer’s immediate circle of friends – and love a bit of drama – but intensely boring to outsiders. That’s another couple of million blogs i can ignore then.

Oh, and the Plurkers… sorry folks, i just don’t get it – perhaps i’m a bit thick, but i have to admit to being a complete Plurkophobe. Another few hundred thousand that won’t make it onto my reading list!

By the way, before anyone gets terribly offended and gives me one of those squinty-eyed looks, before demanding to know what gives me – a mere backwater bloggist – the right to say which blogs are worthwhile and which are dross, i’d better make it clear that everything in this post is merely my personal opinion – just because i might think that Ozzy Billboard’s Buffoonery Blog is a load of tripe and that all fashion blogs are boring doesn’t mean that they are… it just means they are to me! (And if you’re so narrow-minded that you don’t think people should be touting their own opinions online then, a) Leave a snotty comment for me, which i’ll lampoon viciously, and b) Go away!).

nwl020612a_001So, what do i read?

A winning combination for me would probably include the words: informed; opinionated; irreverent; thought-provoking; eclectic and, quite possibly, hard-hitting. There are numerous sl bloggers out there who tick all these boxes – which doesn’t necessarily mean i agree with them, but i do admire people who have something to say and do so with style. Some of them make it into my miniscule blogroll – but i’m fickle, and it can take months of reading before i add someone and, to be honest, it’s not a particularly comprehensive summary of what’s going on in my own personal metaverse at any given time!

There’s also a number of blogs i read, written by friends, which may or may not fall into any of the above categories – but i like to support my friends and i love to see them expressing their creativity.

Over time, you notice that the world of sl blogging has its own trends – we go through periods of blogs dying completely, or falling silent for a time before bursting back into life unexpectedly, (on which point, it’s lovely to see Shauna, Emerald and Tateru posting again)… it’s a reminder that there are real people behind the words, with real lives – something that’s easy to forget when they’re writing as a virtual person about a virtual world.

10000As for me, well i’ll keep on spouting the same old tripe and drivel in the hope that maybe i’ll be able to tick some of my own boxes and keep this blog interesting and – sort of – relevant.  i’ve noticed that i’ve tended towards being a bit more belligerent just recently; not sure why that is, probably just a phase i’m passing through… believe me, it won’t be the only one! i’ve also been doing a fair bit of non-blog-based writing stuff recently – quite unexpectedly yesterday, i finished my collection of 100, hundred-word stories, which if i have the courage of my convictions, will end up on Amazon in due course and make my first million as a bestselling author which no-one will buy, but it’ll still give me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

That’s the trouble with this writing lark – it’s blooming addictive, which is why i’m actually quite pleased about all the zillions of words constantly being written about sl, because that’s a heck of a lot of writers all doing their thing, and i don’t think that’s such a bad thing, after all.

s. x

“This is how you do it: you sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until its done. It’s that easy, and that hard.” 
Neil Gaiman

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