Electric Garden Dreams

benchb_001And here i sit and dream… ‘neath azure skies, currant-bun studded with lambswool clouds;
dappled shadows dance and play through pine-wood fingers clothed in green, as sun’s glow charms daisy faces, blinking in his golden gaze. Time pauses, unwilling to pass, and rests awhile at my side – a somnolent, silent companion, unhurried as a summer sunset. Here, tranquillity is measured in birdsong, and the soft splash of spring water. Trickling rivulets sparkle and glisten, leaving tear-stained, glossy rock cheeks in their wake. Peacock-hued butterflies blunder erratically through the still air, like drunken revellers, staggering and swaying their wayward journey home. Whilst i, lost in the moment and the magic, put aside the things of the world, and dream.

And here i sit and dream… an observer from afar, like some demi-god creator gazing down from Olympian heights upon another world far below – i see myself, lost in thought, in my imaginary garden; and i wonder…

i wonder, about what do i dream?


s. x

And oh, my dreams,
It’s never quite as it seems,
‘Cause you’re a dream to me,
Dream to me.
The Cranberries – Dreams

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