One trick pony

tumblr_mj5bdmwqzS1s7ulsro1_500_largeThis blog has a very poor sense of direction.

It tends to lurch from theme to meme, topic to topical, poetry to prose and pretty much everything in-between, together with quite a few oddities outside the usual blogging box. Unlike those accomplished bloggers who manage to pick a niche and stick with it – be it fashion, music, art, technical wizardry or simple narratives/rants about the author’s journey through sl, or even rl – this blog, i’m afraid, wants none of it. In fairly random and unpredictable fashion it manages to mish-mash a montage of mixed musings in a mess of muddled meanderings, never quite knowing the rhyme or reason for its being, or the the eventual destination – if indeed there is one – towards which it may be generally heading.

Sometimes i look at other bloggers’ work and wonder how on earth they manage to produce such consistent results despite what often appears to me to be a rather restrictive remit. How on earth does one manage to write weekly articles about shoes or sl music venues without running low on material within a very short space of time? It beats me… i routinely have weeks when i’m at a complete loss about what to write, despite having an open remit to write about absolutely anything at all!

Well, that’s not entirely true – i do try to stick to sl as the core element, at least on this main blog page, (my apologies for the eclectic nature of the other pages you’ll find knocking around – i have absolutely no idea what they imagine they’re up to). Coming to think of it, you won’t see much else other than sl featured in these pages because, it seems, i’m a bit of a stick-in-the mud when compared to the majority of sl devotees, who apparently are enthusiastic frequenters of just about every other virtual world you can think of… InWorldz; Kitely; OSgrid; Avination; Blue Mars; Cloud Party; IMVU… need i go on? All these alternatives to sl, together with many others, boast large numbers of sl adherents within their ranks. Then there are the gamers who juggle their time inworld with other platforms, MMORPGs and games – none of which i have the slightest interest in, a fact that was brought home to me recently when a couple of friends were excitedly discussing the release of the latest Grand Theft Auto, an event that – had i even known about it – would barely have registered a ‘1’ on the Dippy scale of interesting occurrences. The extent of my disinterest in all things virtual, other than sl, can be gauged by the fact that i’m possibly the only person in the developed world who has never tried World of Warcraft, or for that matter, knows anything at all about it.

Apart from sl, the extent to which i have an interest in virtual experiences is practically non-existent and, no matter how hard i might try, it doesn’t look as if that will be changing any time soon. That’s one of the reasons that you won’t have read any of my thoughts on Linden Lab’s new kids on the block; Versu, Patterns, Creatorverse and Dio – it would make pretty boring reading in any event, since my thoughts on them can be summed up in just two words – “So what?”. Sorry, but i simply cannot whip up the interest to give them a whirl. It’s nothing to do with the concept behind these shiny new creations, or the quality of the package – they could be the most brilliant creation to come out a software house this century, (although i doubt it), even so, i still wouldn’t have any interest in trying them out – it’s not the way we do things around here… i know what i like, and i’m sticking to it!

Yes, it is true that i have my own, standalone, Opensim grid, but it’s a complete mess – used only to practice landscaping skills and for building things that eventually get imported into sl – and, if it wasn’t for sl, then it would languish completely unused and unloved on my PC. It doesn’t excite me, it doesn’t energise me and i have a hard job staving off the boredom, unless i’m completely absorbed in what i’m doing – it’s just not sl. As a rule, the few active brain cells remaining that i don’t require to be entirely focussed on getting by in rl seem to be awfully selective when choosing the means by which they wish to be indulged when reality gets put to one side – i’m afraid it’s very much a case of sl, or nothing.

Maybe it’s a good thing? i manage to waste far too much time as it is on frivolous activities when i should be making something of my life… after all, there are mountains to be climbed, medals to be won, records to be broken and… erm, beds to be made and ironing to be done – all of them, excellent excuses for me not to be frittering away my time on slaying orcs, stealing cars or buying shoes for yet another avatar in some virtual mall. Although, maybe i’ll climb that mountain, or do the washing-up tomorrow, it can wait a little longer. In the meantime, i’ll just hang around in sl, trying to come up with something interesting to write about and then, inevitably go off on a completely different tangent when i try to put it into words.

Ah well, if you’d rather be doing something interesting, you can always nip off for a quick play somewhere else – i’ll probably be so caught up in what i’m doing that i won’t even notice!

s. x

Andre has a red flag, Chiang Ching’s is blue
They all have hills to fly them on except for Lin Tai Yu
Dressing up in costumes, playing silly games
Hiding out in tree-tops shouting out rude names
Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers

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