5985951461_f1ca3fe6fb_z_large“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” – so said Samuel Johnson, on considering Boswell’s affection for the city. Not wishing to cross swords with the great man, i beg to differ – i find i tire of London’s gritty air and forced conviviality all too quickly, but perhaps that says more about me than about the city itself.

In a similar vein, i’ve heard much the same said about sl – that it’s impossible to tire of the virtual world and that to do so is probably a greater reflection of an individual’s character than – perish the thought – a product of sl. Again, i have to disagree: it is perfectly possible to be less than enamoured of the virtual landscape and to fall out of love, even if only temporarily, with the inworld experience, although to admit to such a crime is strictly anathema within the virtual community.

Even so, on my travels around the metaverse, i come across ever more frequent instances of blogs strewn with virtual cobwebs and apologetic posts adopting a now familiar mantra… ‘I’m suffering from writer’s block at the moment…’

Could it be the change in the seasons – has winter sapped our strength, leaving us with the dry husks of ideas, left over from autumn, as we long for the coming of long-overdue springtime, and the budding of fresh new inspiration to brighten our pages? Or perhaps these serious and sombre times which we now have to face – failing industries, struggling economies and the tightening of belts is also serving to tighten our lips and focus our minds on less frivolous activities?

Perhaps life is simply busier than it ever was before – with greater demands on our time, greater expectations to perform and ever-growing responsibilities to be fulfilled. When do we find the luxury of free time?

Well, it could be any, or all, of those things and many more besides, but heaven forbid that sl itself might be less than inspiring. Or is it? Well… almost certainly not, but we residents tend to get a bit stuck in our ways: we do the same old things, hang out with the same people, in the same familiar places and, just as the real world can become somewhat dull and predictable when we don’t make the effort to get out and about, so too can sl. Then there’s the the other side to sl that we all love to get into a tizzy about, but when it’s missing, things can become very quiet indeed. It’s been a while now since us bloggers have had a real scandal to get our teeth into, or debate to become embroiled in – sl, for the most part, is performing pretty well, nobody’s been fired, there have been relatively few scandals and dramas, in fact, when it comes to things to moan, whinge and gripe about, we’ve had pretty slim pickings for quite some time. Far from it being a case of ‘no news is good news’, it’s a case of ‘no news is… not news’.

All of which is my extremely roundabout way of saying that, for far too long now, i’ve had nothing much to say, and rather than spend another fruitless session staring at a screen and wondering what to write, i think it’s high time i gave myself a kick up the butt, stopped feeling sorry for myself and got back into the business of exploring sl, just for the hell of it!

So now, it’s on with the silly costumes, out with the comfortable and familiar, and off into the unknown… don’t wait up, i may be out all night!


s. x

I need something to believe in
Cos I don’t believe in myself
I’m sick and tired of getting nowhere
Guess it’ll all work out
Newton Faulkner – I Need Something

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One Response to Ummm…

  1. Of course it is possible that LL has gotten good enough at communication, and is culling out the bad ideas before we know about them. Less LL/SL drama would leave most bloggers starved for something to say 🙂
    Naaaaaaa – – – I don’t believe it.

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