Update: 11th March

iepce8_largeOne of the fun things about writing is that you get to play with people’s sensibilities. Fiction doesn’t just have to be about making up a story that captures the imagination – there’s enormous scope for mischief too… unexpected twists; juxtapositions; surprise endings; parallel plots.

It’s always interesting to bring together themes and situations that we know are intrinsically wrong – concepts that mess with our heads and leave us feeling emotionally queasy. Which, inevitably, brings us to a story… a story that i think brings together many of those elements above – a story that i had fun putting together, and which i hope will make you smile, even though you know you shouldn’t.

i give you Alt. life: Sugar Candy.

s. x

We are victims of dreams in our moment of truth
Like pawns of delusion marching onward confused
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Let The Words of My Murder Be The Last Words You Hear

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