Update: 15th March

2006_1L_largeThey do say that there’s a novel inside every one of us – well, that may be the case, but i’m afraid if there’s one inside of me then that’s where it’s going to stay!

The trouble with novels is they’re far too long – i could have the most amazing idea for a story, all ready to put pen to paper for the opening chapter of my epic tome, but by chapter three i’m excruciatingly bored. It becomes a chore – a war of attrition between what my mind wants to express and the words that appear on the page in front of me… a war in which i’m invariably the defeated. i tire of my characters, start to loathe them and wish they’d just shut up and get the hell on with getting to the end of the plot.

It doesn’t help when the characters are pretty loathsome to begin with!

Skybald – the next instalment: ‘Rats’.

s. x

On with the action
Need the fastest legs alive
On with the action
If you can’t run, you ain’t gonna survive
UFO – On With The Action

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