Hacked off!

Please accept my sincere apologies if you’ve received a spam email in the past few days purporting to be from me – it appears some evil B@$**&D has hijacked my account, despite the fact that i try to keep it as sterile as is humanly possible.

You can imagine – particularly since this is not the best week for me – that i am not only completely mortified that you have been subjected to this kind of inconvenience, but if the subhuman slimeball who propagated this attack was to fall into my clutches, i would happily remove their skin with a potato peeler and rub rock salt into their suppurating flesh afterwards… and laugh unrepentantly as i did so.

Rest assured, i have now ramped up security so high that it’s quite possible that not even i will be able to access my own emails! Don’t you just love technology.

Again, my apologies.

s. x

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2 Responses to Hacked off!

  1. shauna says:

    Sorry that happened to you, Boots. Figures it would be on a week you’re not feeling good, right? Stupid hacker! Also, I know what it feels like to be down so if you want a friend to rant to privately or just company I am here if you need me.

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