68119_180570455420907_52992207_n_large52,738 users online and not a soul to be seen
i hop from sim to sim alone and unchallenged
a virtual ghost in a virtual machine
i feel unnerved uneasy an intruder an alien
out of place a digital anomaly a glitch in the code
a green speck on an empty map
an illusory being of uncertain provenance
a mistake an error a fault a bug
a programmer’s untidy Friday night patch
the world is not surprised at my unwarranted intrusion
i’m accepted received and taken in hand
music plays lights shine horses neigh
doors open at my touch
yet it is i alone who hear see and feel
stores stand open awaiting my custom
greeters call my name and welcome me in
cars in the street pay me no heed
birds sing for me and no-one else
52,738 lost souls missing in action
yet life goes on regardless without care
without question
i’m drawn along empty streets
peering through windows
watching the horizon
searching for life
finding no-one
and the world around me doesn’t care
a building beckons and i run to its embrace
inside music pounds lights strobe lasers flash
but no-one dances the podiums are bare
no sweaty bodies throng the dance floor
no crush at the bar the booth stands empty
this seems so very wrong
enveloped by sound and light i sit
52,738 users online
and i am alone

club1_001club7_001s. x

And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself 
And for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself
Radiohead – Karma Police

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One Response to 52,738

  1. shauna says:

    Sometimes poetry can express feelings the best. It’s possible to feel totally alone even if surrounded by people too.

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