On the hoof

6305344_460s_largeIt was going to be one of those days when i really had no idea what to write about. Sure there are lots of things going on in the metaverse and pixeltopia that, if i’d really put my mind to it, i could have come up with something about… but the astute amongst you may have noticed that just lately my enthusiasm for all things… well, everything really, is currently on the wane.

The big news, of course, is the release version of Firestorm – but everyone’s going to be talking about that, so i won’t, other than to say i fell instantly in love with the pre-release version, despite some ‘interesting’ bugs, all of which appear to have been fixed in this release. It never ceases to amaze me just how ungrateful and obnoxious some people can be about these things – i have three sage words of wisdom for those plebs who fit into that category: Before you rant, slag off the devs and complain as if you’ve just been ripped off by a bit of software you paid a small fortune for…

  • Do a clean install (i know you didn’t, so don’t pretend you did);
  • Update your damn graphics drivers (do it!);
  • If you’ve still got a problem, ask nicely for a fix using the proper channels.


So, no Firestorm review from me.

i did think about telling you about the fun i’ve been having watching all those Occulus Rift videos that are proliferating all over the webiverse. The secret is to imagine yourself back in a Victorian playroom and do the old cross-eyed stereoscope trick – hey presto! – 3D video without all that mucking about with glasses and you save yourself a whopping $300 on the OR headset. Tempted to hook up dual monitors to a single video feed and watch sl in 3D, but i have a feeling my optician might have a few things to say about that. Although, now i think about it, what if i give my avatar a prim headset… would i get the same results?

Going to steer clear of developing that idea further – that way madness lies.

Progress on the SL10B build? Erm, none whatsoever. It’ll be ready in time for me not securing a plot, which will then leave me with a 200 prim build and nowhere to dump it. Conversely, if i slacken off and leave everything to the last minute, you can guarantee i’ll get a space and will have to deprive myself of even more sleep than usual to get it into some sort of order. i have friends who can happily knock up an entire city in the space of a couple of hours who would, no doubt, wonder why on earth a simple build can take so long – simple really: i’ll generally get 95% of it finished in no time at all, then i’ll take a biscuit break, or TV/tea/staring vacantly out of the window break, followed inevitably by several million more breaks of the same sort, meaning that last 5% can possibly take years to complete.

There’s always the good old standby of sl borkiness. i logged in today, only to receive a ‘sim restart in 45 seconds’ message before i’d even rezzed. Sim restarts are like buses – you never see one for ages, then three come together – this was the second that’s caught me on the hop – on the same sim – albeit at different times, in the last fortnight. The damn things seem to be following me around! You don’t want to hear about that though, do you?

Thought not.

So… what to write about?

It was a pretty normal day in sl – logged in, drove around in my little police car for a bit, randomly ramming other – driverless – cars off the road in revenge for the times they’ve run me over – it’s OK: you’re allowed to ram other cars if you have a siren and flashing light on yours. Played a couple of games, which i lost extremely competently, then went for a wander around Nowhere Land (by the way, i apologise if that LM puts you in the sea or under a large stone – i’ve moved a few things around and i’ve no idea where the landing point is now!).

It was at this point that i realised that something was missing.

Where, oh where, has my horse gone?

Have you seen this horse?

Have you seen this horse?

Not one of your nasty Cannaletto breedables, or whatever they’re called – my horse is a sturdy, occasionally reliable, friendly beast of burden who wanders the fields of Nowhere Land and only rarely attempts to maul casual visitors to death. It’s not the first time that Eric has wandered off and he is occasionally prone to flying out to sea, but i swear to you that this time he has vanished off the face of the Grid! i wandered around, calling his name and dropping sugar lumps to no avail; area search managed to find all my horse chestnut trees, but no Eric. Has he been horsenapped or run away to the big city to make his fortune? i have no idea… all i know is that i miss him 😦

A friend once lost a dalek, who had a grand old time running loose in sl for two years, i’d hate to think that Eric might go walkabout for a similar length of time. So, if you do find a fairly friendly, brown equine visitor munching on your prize tulips, i’d be terribly grateful if you could send him home!

s. x

Who’s gonna ride your wild horses? 
Who’s gonna tame the heart of thee?
U2 – Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses? 

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2 Responses to On the hoof

  1. shauna says:

    Ha, that was me that did the restart of Penny Lane. (Sometimes it’s Linden Lab, sometimes it’s me who does it.) However,I always try to restart when no one there except myself. At the time I was the only one on the sim so I clicked the magic restart button — then, wouldn’t you know it, I got a message that Serendipidy Haven has logged in. lol Restart was already counting down though so I just let it run. I swear I didn’t steal your horse though!

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