Bear faced cheek

largeMaybe it was all that thinking about time for yesterday’s post, or perhaps the SL10B ‘Looking backwards. Looking Forwards’ theme has influenced me somewhat, or it could simply be – now that i look back over recent posts – that i’m having one of those reflecting on the past moments, which i imagine most of us encounter from time to time. Whatever the cause, i found myself logging in yesterday with a hankering to dig out my SLarcheologist’s trowel once more and do a spot more virtual digging around sl.

Seasoned readers will be aware that some time back i took a jaunt around some of the largely forgotten heritage of sl; a journey that i found to be both surprising and ultimately satisfying for the frustrated virtual time traveller that dwells within me. There’s an almost visceral thrill to be had in stumbling across an ancient relic in an unexpected place and knowing that there are rogue prims out there, possibly dating back to the Alpha Grid is a tantalisingly appealing carrot to dangle in front of someone like me.

i need to do some research anyway for my birthday build, so another few forays into the past are a necessity and, so far, i’ve already made some rather interesting discoveries… i may even have found two new contenders for the oldest objects in sl, which pre-date the creation of the existing unofficial oldest by several weeks! That’s all i’m saying for now, i really want to try and check out their provenance before getting too carried away, but it’s all rather exciting – and i’m afraid you’ll be seeing a few more of these historical posts in the future. In another interesting turn of events, it turns out that the SL10B Bear Island i mentioned in yesterday’s post is none other than the same one that graced SL8B, recycled for another outing.

As usual, i got sidetracked, and it was the Linden bears that did it!

Nothing to do with Bear Island, but everything to do with discovering a pretty impressive collection of the cuddly little blighters as i was out and about on my travels. Inevitably, my thoughts turned to my own, rather less impressive, collection of bears and so it was that fate dictated that my trip into the distant past of sl would be temporarily suspended, whilst i went on a bear hunt!

They tell me that collecting Linden bears used to be a fairly straightforward affair – see a Linden, and ask them for a bear. Sadly the days of seeing a Linden knocking around sl seem to be long gone, but there are other – erm, less orthodox – ways of obtaining these furry objects of desire, if you’re prepared to invest some time and effort into the endeavour, (it’s not breaking and entering if no-one tries to stop you, right?).

bears_001i’ve often thought that the Lindens themselves are amongst the most avid of bear collectors and it turns out that i could well be right. Whilst hunting, i came across by far the most impressive collection i’ve yet found, and all belonging to a Linden.

You know how it is… once you’re in, does it really hurt to have a bit of a nose around and see how the other half lives? Go on… admit it – you would, wouldn’t you? So i did!

izzy_001OK, so maybe i made myself just a little too comfortable at times – but i figured, what the heck, if there was any chance of getting into trouble, i may as well enjoy the moment! It’s not as if i’d object to any of the Labbies hanging out at my place while i’m not around – ‘mi casa, su casa’ – please feel free, (just don’t do anything unsavoury in the bed please… i have my own TOS, and that sort of jiggery-pokery will earn you a stern telling-off!)

charlene_001Now, even i have a conscience, so i thought it would be the right thing to do to leave one of my own bears for the collection, but wouldn’t you know it, the sim had a two minute auto-return – such a shame.

That little disappointment aside, my exploration of the hallowed grounds of Linden territory, both here and in other locations, proved to be most productive and this particular outing has swollen the ranks of furry Linden souvenirs, safely ensconced in my inventory from 13 to a fairly respectable 21 bears. Still a way to go, but i’m on a mission!

Speaking of which, where’s that trowel?


s. x

Beneath the trees, where nobody sees 
They’ll hide and seek as long as they please 
Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic
Bad Manners – Teddy Bears Picnic

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