Top gear

Top_Gear._one_of_his_funniest_quotes_ever_53bd70_3267299_largeCars, in rl, are a bit of a mixed blessing as far as i’m concerned – my own car is something i couldn’t do without, (although you may question the logic of that assertion as you read further), yet it can also be the bane of my life when something goes wrong mechanically – no-one who has ever owned a car will relish shelling out the cost of taxing, insuring and maintaining the damn thing and doesn’t live in perpetual fear of the day that something will go ‘clunk’ and the engine falls off.

In recent years the amount of driving i’ve been doing has declined dramatically, and ridiculously so. When booking my MOT last month, (for non-Brits, that’s a government-imposed annual ritual humiliation, and officially sanctioned daylight robbery, that car owners have to go through, just for the pleasure of placing their tyres upon the hallowed tarmac of this sceptered isle), i was asked for my annual mileage and, knowing i probably drive less than most, i hazarded a guess at 8000 miles. Turns out i was wrong by a pretty decent margin… try just over 1000 miles in the last 12 months! This, of course, begs the question do i really need a car at all? The answer, purely for the convenience and the sudden crazy trips that i’m called to do at the drop of a hat, is an unequivocal ‘yes’, but in all honesty, if i could manage without a car, i probably would.

To even consider being without is anathema to some, but as long as i have a means of getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’, with a brief diversion to ‘C’ and the occasional tour around ‘D’, ‘X’ and ‘Q’ at those times i get hopelessly lost, the actual mode of getting there doesn’t really bother me. Certainly in rl i’ve had a couple of interesting rides over the years, but as long as it’s safe, reliable and doesn’t require a degree in motor mechanics to keep it on the road, i’m a happy bunny.

urban4_001The same is not true in sl, where – i’m sorry to say – i’m a complete and utter petrolhead!

This unfortunate truth only really dawned on me when i recently found myself having to restructure my inventory, simply so that i could readily locate one of my vehicles amongst the many, many others garaged there! The sheer number of the things that i own is rather mind boggling, and it beats me just how on earth i could ever find the time to drive all of them.

urban5_001The virtual me has a certain penchant for fast, sleek, sports cars and it has been known for me to wander around high-class Japanese car showrooms, drooling over the four-wheeled delights on offer. When it comes down to it, i find it incredibly hard to resist their allure, and there are one or two of these babies hanging about in my virtual parking spaces that would easily appear in the top ten most expensive items that i’ve ever splashed my lindens on. That’s not to say that i don’t keep an eye out for the bargains too – there are some prized motors in there that actually cost an eye-popping nothing at all… if only you could pick up freebie Ferraris in rl too!

japan bridge3_001However, it’s not just the fast and the furious that i find myself drawn to – if it’s got virtual wheels and a scripternal combustion engine, then it’s going to grab my attention. This is the primary reason i had to sort my inventory… it’s so much easier to navigate now that i have separate folders for cars, lorries, buses, construction equipment….

mine4_001Yep, you read that right: i do have enough buses to justify their own folder, and as for the heavy plant, i’ve had great fun just recently ploughing up the roads of Penny Lane with my bulldozer and backhoe – well, who wouldn’t? In fact, i seem to possess everything from tower cranes to Segways and the wealth of different sizes, shapes and types of vehicle in between is a sight to behold, and that’s not even considering all the scooters, motorcycles and other toys that fly through the air or float on – or under – the water, and are generally nothing at all along the lines of what you’d ever find me getting to grips with in the real world. All a bit strange really, but nevertheless, enormous fun!

There’s just one slight problem – i’m still, without doubt, the worst driver that has ever graced the roads of sl!


s. x

Baby you can drive my car
Yes I’m gonna be a star
Baby you can drive my car
And maybe I love you
The Beatles – Drive My Car

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2 Responses to Top gear

  1. Paypabak says:

    scripternal combustion engine=wonderful! Such a way with words you have. What do you think of the new mesh cars? Myself, I have tended toward motorcycles and such.

    • i’ve always thought of words as tools – who says you can’t use a hammer for purposes other than hammering! Glad you like what i do with them 🙂

      i’ve been seriously impressed with some of the mesh vehicles being created now -although some of the prices are eye-wateringly expensive, i’m hooked!

      Thanks for the mention on your blog too, much appreciated.

      s. x

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