The calm before the storm

largeAnd on the 13th day, we rested and lo, it was good… or something along those lines, anyway!

Yesterday was the last day of building for SL10B, and today the hammers, drills and cursing of sweating builders falls silent as the final inspections take place, roadways are swept clean and a last minute polish is given to the travel pods before they begin their intricate dance around the exhibits, laden with visitors far too lagged out to walk. Tomorrow the press will get their first glimpses of the remarkable creations that have filled the vast area that the celebration covers and, on Sunday, the doors will be thrown open to the great unwashed!

As for me, i’ve been taking things easy, putting my feet up and generally feeling rather pleased with myself. Having finished my own build well ahead of schedule and managed to get together my contributions to other exhibits that i thought worthwhile, there was really little more for me to do. Of course, i have spent some time taking photos and having a bit of a wander around the sims, but rather than take advantage of my fortunate position of having exhibitor access and free reign to explore, it seemed to be the right thing to wait until the party kicks off – somehow, it’s just not the same without that amazing vibe that comes when the visitors flood in and the entertainment starts – a birthday celebration shouldn’t be a sterile, closed event – it should be a mad get-together, crowded and full of fun… and so, my real exploring will begin in earnest once the sims have opened for business.

i haven’t been twiddling my thumbs though: putting together ‘The Passage of Time’ has rekindled my desire to build and create, which i suppose had been on the wane a bit since my last big white elephant project – The Tubestation. With the benefit of hindsight, i think that i was a little too adventurous in that particular undertaking – the build was fun and i was pleased with the results, but it lacked purpose, or rather the purpose i had in mind for it was way beyond my current capabilities or, for that matter, my real interests. Building a store to house an as yet purely hypothetical range of stock, which would require extensive time, effort and learning and development of new skills was – too say the least – a bit optimistic!

In some ways, realising your limitations can be somewhat depressing, but as a good friend, who happens to be an extremely accomplished builder, scripter and all-round lovely guy, said to me only this week, when i moaned about my lack of skills: “well don’t compare it to my stuff – I’ve been building since 2006”. He’s absolutely right of course!

Practice really does make perfect.

i am one of those people who happens to think that i can achieve anything, unfortunately i neither have the patience to do it properly, or the endurance to see things through to a conclusion. However, i think i’m learning – albeit, the hard way – that nothing in SLife comes without a cost. My builder friend is an inspiration… i am perfectly capable of creating work of the same quality and originality as his, but if i’m to do so, there’s still another five years of hard toil that i need to put in to get there! So, i suppose i really should quit moaning and knuckle down to some proper work!


Where did the trains go?

The Tubestation has gone – re-inventorised until some time in the future that i can make more of a go of it than this time round. In its place, until i’m ready to have another bash at content creation, i’ve thrown a few bits and pieces that really do inspire me – some of the work of the legendary Arcadia Asylum – i’ve always loved her work, especially the incredibly vibrant, in your face, grungy texturing that was so individual to her builds and creations. Perhaps there’s just an element of romance in the enigma of her fate too – if you’ve not come across her and her story, shame on you… you should do some exploring of your own, but to get you started you might want to take a look here, and here, and here!

Maybe Arcadia’s builds don’t have the panache that mesh boasts, or the sculpted fixtures and fittings that many of us expect to see as standard, but to me her work is an object lesson in just what can be achieved with simple, everyday prims, attention to detail and a passion for taking textures to simply sublime extremes. i find it inspirational.

And there, in a nutshell you have what is, for me, one of the most important things you will find in sl – the inspiring and remarkable things that others around us have created from which we can draw our own inspiration and will to succeed…. And perhaps that’s one thing that i’m most looking forward to from SL10B. My build may not be the best in comparison with the amazing creations that fill the celebration sims, but i don’t care.

Because, one day, i know it will be.

s. x

Always believe in your soul
You’ve got the power to know
You’re indestructible
Spandau Ballet – Gold

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