Bear necessities

largewWell, SL10B is up and running, and it promises to be a completely manic week of exploring, getting hopelessly lost, and generally having a whale of a time!

This being my first time as an exhibitor, i wanted to be around right from the start and the opening ‘ceremony’ was rather well done, i thought. Unlike last year, there were no keynote speeches, and no massed tinies dancing – instead, the official opening was understated, clever and done in style… as the big moment arrived, the SL10B flag was raised at strategic points across the sims, and we were underway!

flagpoles5_001This year, i’m determined to tackle the birthday sims in some sort of logical order – somehow, even though i seemed to spend hours traipsing around every square inch of SL9b, i still managed to miss half of it! Not this year: my plan of action was simple – follow each roadway from North to South, (or is it East to West?), and then traverse the whole site from right to left – seemed simple enough in principle, but i hadn’t allowed for the Seren’s Third Law of Exploring, which states:

“No matter how well planned your journey, at some point you will exit through a different door to that through which you entered – or fall off a building – and will become hopelessly confused as to your whereabouts.”

i fell foul of Seren’s Third Law in a ridiculously short space of time which – inevitably – invoked Seren’s First Corollary to the Third Law, which postulates:

“Having become hopelessly confused, you will then attempt to confidently strike out in what you believe is the correct direction, only to realise in due course that you are now so hopelessly lost that you may as well give in and simply wander around randomly.”

i really did try to stick to my plan, but failed dismally – i think it’s going to be a long week!

EmphaticaIn all, i reckon i’ve checked out around 50 exhibits so far – some are the usual commercial exhibits that are really no more than shop fronts and remind me of stands at trade fairs, whilst others were pretty stunning. There’s a huge construction in the corner of Astonish, which is quite incredible – Emphatica Eccentrica – You can’t miss it: look for the giant string puppet, painting his canvasses. Take the elevator to the top and marvel at the work of its creator.

Grimms_001Grimms Garden was another stand out exhibit for me, but to be honest, if i was to go through all the great creations i managed to cram in tonight, you’d a) get bored, and b) have no reason to go and see for yourself, and that’s something you really must do. It still surprises me that so many people don’t manage to get themselves along to see the birthday celebrations, and i really don’t understand why – and before you even think of saying the word ‘lag’, let me tell you that even with packed sims, lag was minimal and – more importantly – certainly not enough to stop anyone from enjoying themselves.

Lottie1_001If you do get worn out from the footwork, there’s the tour pods and railway to help out and there are plenty of opportunities to put your feet up and relax… i even managed to settle down for a nice cuppa. (And despite what it might look like from the picture, i managed to resist the temptation to stuff myself with with fresh cream cakes!). All in all, a very productive and fun first day.

bear Island_001As you might expect, one of my first stops had to be Bear Island, where i spent an enjoyable time plundering the wealth of Linden bears on offer, which have boosted my collection quite nicely… And, speaking of bears, my own limited edition SL10Bear is on the loose. If you want one, there are three lurking around Nowhere Land, if you fancy hunting them down. Failing that, take a trip along to The Passage of Time in Pizazz and you’ll find a clickable notice at the end of the tour – that’s where the bears are! If you want the LM, i’m sorry, i firmly believe that the birthday sims are meant to be explored, and the best way to do that is to take a wander – you’ll find my exhibit easily enough, it’s alongside the train.


Anyway, it’s time i hit the sack – more exploring to do tomorrow… i’ll tell you all about it when i’m done, better still, why not do some exploring of your own and we can compare notes?

s. x

You can go your own way 
You can call it another lonely day 
You can go your own way 
Go your own way.
Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

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