Party time!

20090518223902_largeOh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Just when everything was going so well, sl throws a digital spanner in the works in the most frustrating way.

Technical issues ruled the day, yesterday, leaving me floundering with textures that wouldn’t bake, sculpties that wouldn’t rez, textures that wouldn’t bake on sculpties that wouldn’t rez and mesh that just wouldn’t do anything. The most galling thing of all is that sl decided to lay all the blame on my viewer… yep, green lights for the server and connection, angry red for my client, which is a little odd because it’s been perfectly fine all week with exactly the same, and often more demanding settings. Still, that’s something that you learn to live with in sl – you never quite get used to it, but you do learn to live with it.

i swear that since joining sl i have developed patience beyond what is humanly possible… there are those i know who are sl veterans, yet have never come to a point that lag, bakefail and all the crappy nuances that sl loves to employ in order to show off, are anything less than an extreme irritation, whereas i shrug, accept the things i cannot change, fiddle with the things that i can, and generally just get on with the job in hand.

Which is precisely what i attempted to do on my ongoing and epic tour yesterday – it was a slow old process though, studded with long periods of hanging around waiting for things to resolve themselves, multiple crashes out of sl, several self-imposed logouts and one hard boot when my processors decided to sulk. Even so, i managed to cover the whole of Stupendous and most of Exhilarate, despite my technical woes.

sparkle bears cake party_001Boy do they like to party around those parts! It seemed that around every corner there was something involving cakes, nibbles, balloons or party hats – in some cases, all of the above with teddy bears thrown in for good measure! (i apologise for the fuzzy faces… that’s not natural bear fuzz, it’s bake fail and yes, i suffered bake fail with the cakes too – that’s irony, sl style). In addition to the calories pretty much everywhere i looked, there was a definite artistic slant to Stupendous, with a number of galleries and other exhibits featuring the arts. One of my favourites was Light and Emotions
light and emotions2_001which, in a further display of SLirony features the the work pictured on the left, whilst through the window you can gaze out over fields of lollipops, doughnuts and thickly-iced cakes – only in sl!

However, you needn’t worry too much about over-indulging, since the other thing that the builders in this and the adjacent sim seem to enjoy is building the highest possible structure imaginable and, for those who wish to shed a few of those pixel-pounds, they’ve kindly provided an often circuitous and steep passage to the top for those who dare to try it.

2lei_001The views are great – well, i assume they are, since mine were usually grey and globular! – And well worth the struggle to get to the top, even when stuttering processors decide to throw you off mere metres from your goal! Such is SLife… on the positive side, i now have virtual thighs i could crush coconuts with, which might provide me with a secondary income stream if the rl one runs out!

prof thunders mad science1_001My two exhibits of the day are less high altitude though – Professor Thunder’s Mad Science was a joy… right up to the point where i decided to try his re-animation machine, which summarily whisked me up through the roof, where i was zapped with several jiggawatts of lightning bolt. Sadly, not even that sorted out my technical problems, but it was fun trying. My other favourite was Minna, created by Kennylex Luckless – which i can’t find the LM for, 😦 – someone i feel i’ve known for ages, thanks to the sl forums and other networks minna_001connected to sl, but never met. Well, he was there and what a lovely, friendly chap he was. i loved his exhibit too, which i think captures ‘old skool’ sl brilliantly. Speaking of capturing, i did try to catch an elusive Torley, but without success, (although i have managed to lay my hands on his bear, at long last!).

That’s about it for now – hopefully, i’ll be back to normal tomorrow and able to get on with the serious business of exploring, until then i’ll leave you with a panoramic view of Exhilarate and Mesmerize, where i shall be reporting back from tomorrow.

exhilarate and mesmerise_001

s. x

Don’t step out of this house if that’s the clothes you’re gonna wear 
I’ll kick you out of my home is you don’t cut that hair
Dresden Dolls – Fight For Your Right

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