intested in your product‏


hello Dear,

this is robinson from canada
we saw your contact in trading site,and i believe  your company
is a reliable supplier, there is some items which we  have interest in
purchasing, Please i will like to know the type of services your company do gives
Please we need a good quality to maintain our quality in the Global market.
your early reply is very necessary for further detail
Best Regards,robinson
from kewin: industrial company, canada,


Unlike most people, junk mail and spam doesn’t really bother me all that much – when it comes to rooting out trash and consigning it to the recycle bin, i’ve got some pretty ruthless filters fighting my cause, and i take very few prisoners. Even so, you’ll occasionally find me having a quick flick through my spam folders because you never know what hidden gems there may be lurking there, like the email above which turned up recently.

Spam, or otherwise, i hereby warn you that if you should ever have the temerity to begin any sort of communication to me with the greeting ‘Hello dear’, (with or without random capitalisation), then i shall visit upon you all the torments of hell for as long as you live, and then just long enough after your death for it to become really tedious; and don’t even consider being smart and adding a comment below to that effect or i will, sadly, have to summarily execute you in some horrific manner!

Back to the email: It’s not that i have any particular problem with dodgy grammar or mangled linguistics, per se – heaven knows, i’ve been guilty of far worse delinquent lexicography in these very pages far too frequently to adopt the moral high ground in such matters, besides which, grammatical snobbery is a far from beautiful thing, no matter whom may be wielding it. Nonetheless, i do feel very strongly that a certain degree of professionalism is to be expected in the world of business and commerce – particularly at that crucial introductory point at which you pick up the receiver to the cold-caller, or the first view of the product the customer gets.

noretuneMy basic premise is simply this – if your opening words to me, whether written or spoken, display a lack of regard for detail, accuracy or plain commonsense, then i will already have judged your product to be inferior, and not for me. The same is true for your visual sales pitch too – take this extremely well-made sign i came across on the Marketplace recently, it’s just a shame that the same attention to detail expended on the design didn’t extend to the wording. Needless to say, this was one store that i didn’t bother exploring further.

Maybe i’m being pedantic – and perhaps, in any other context, i might concede that point, but when it comes to business, the devil is in the detail and it pays to get it right, first time, every time – a discovery that far too many companies can discover far too late, to their cost. i suppose the same must hold true for virtual businesses too, but then, what do i know… i’m just a blogger – what do you think?


Surely, you mean ‘success’?

s. x

Old benchmark on the park he got lost on the world but he doesn’t seem to know about any of it at all 
He said – all the things that I wanted you know I had to pay and pay
Ocean Colour Scene – Lining Your Pockets

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2 Responses to intested in your product‏

  1. I blame spell check. All too often I have been caught in the same trap – no squiggly red lines so it must be okay to post, only to find that a word, while spelled correctly, is simply not the right word.

    • Oh, is that what the squiggly red lines are? Seriously, nothing beats a good old-fashioned proofread, at least three times in my case… and the errors still get passed! 😉

      i’ve often thought that spell check should come packaged with ‘sanity check’ – but if that was the case, i doubt any of my posts would ever pass muster!

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