Update: 11th July

death“Discipled of the bravest: he lasted long;
But on us both did haggish age steal on,
And wore us out of act.”

(All’s Well That Ends Well)

Funny old thing: life, but what about the alternative?

Dunno why these morbid things seem to enjoy festering in the back of my mind, but i’ve learned not to enquire into my thoughts too deeply… they never make a lot of sense anyway. So, i had no idea what to write today, and somehow ended up writing a short and creepy. These things happen.

You’ll find it over at Alt. life: ‘Grim’

See you on the other side!

s. x

Say can you see the shiny place in the sky
Sick of your wandering through the haze?
They say we go to a better place when we die
And they call it a change of days.
Smith’s Cloud – A Change Of Days

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