4d81fde64031ce169a380e1e757b-380x380_largeAs you plough through the many blogs that make up and tie into the wider meta-SLuniverse you can’t help but become aware of the vast number of blogs that go beyond a simple symbiotic relationship with sl and enter into the realm where both become so interdependent that it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

There are, of course, blogs for sl businesses for which this is a necessary evil, for example a store blog, which by its very nature is going to focus entirely upon the product range of that particular store. Whether you’d classify these as ‘blogs’ is entirely a matter for your own discretion  – personally, i wouldn’t consider the Tesco website to be anything but an advertising vehicle for the company, no matter how conversational the style its authors might adopt in reviewing its own products, and i tend to view sl blogs that follow this pattern in much the same way.

On the other side of the coin we find the fairly typical sl fashion blog – the formula is pretty familiar: image, short blurb, endless list of what we’re looking at in the picture. Now before you unleash a tirade of abuse at me for desecrating the hallowed ground of fashion blogocraftistry, i should say that i’ve nothing against such blogs, those who construct them, or those who enjoy reading them – each to their own, i say – they’re not my cup of tea though. Indeed, i have little in the way of opinion on the subject – the web is big enough and ugly enough to suit all tastes and i’m happy to live and let live. What does intrigue me is the sheer amount of time, hard work and effort that such bloggers put into preparing their posts, which – to someone like me, who can easily spend half a lifetime putting together a short post, like this one – seems an astonishing investment of energy, totally out of proportion to the end result.

grass_001It’s not just fashionistas either: there are sl photographers, artists and machinimists who put an enormous amount of effort into the eye candy that ends up on their blogs. i suppose that, for these latter cases, if you describe yourself as an artist then the effort is somewhat easier to understand: for you, sl may well be your source, your inspiration and your medium – it is a means to an end, but that doesn’t explain the huge number of bloggers who appear to be caught in a never-ending cycle that goes something along the lines of…

1 – Spend entire time in sl purchasing items,
finding perfect location,
taking images for posting

2 – Publish blog post

3 – Goto 1

In this scenario, the blog generates the inworld activity, which generates the blog, ad infinitum – to my mind, a nightmare scenario where the whole raison d’être for logging in is purely to produce blog posts, and vice versa.

Maybe i’m wrong, and it’s quite possible that scenario is, to some, an immensely fulfilling and enjoyable way to pass the time – i hope so, because to my blinkered mind, that way madness lies!

If you are such a blogger, or subscribe to that particular school of thought, then i take my hat off to you – it’s a formula that works well, but one that i could never hope to emulate. My own blog reflects what goes on inside my head – it’s messy, disorganised, sometimes obscure and downright weird and sometimes even i wonder what the heck i’m tying to do here. Y’know what… it doesn’t matter a jot: whether we write about the real world or the virtual one, whether with levity or a devil-may-care flippancy, why shouldn’t we do what we want, even if others don’t understand us? Both sl and the real world would be horribly boring if we were all the same and, whether we understand each other or not, whether we are good at what we do, or downright rubbish, why shouldn’t we do what works for us, whatever anyone else might think?

You say tomayto, i say tomarto – at the end of the day, it’s great on pizza no matter which way it’s pronounced!

s. x

And I don’t want to ball about like everybody else,
And I don’t want to live my life like everybody else,
And I won’t say that I feel fine like everybody else,
Cause I’m not like everybody else
The Cry – I’m not like everybody else

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