Creative space

spaceMy mind is an interesting place – if Google were to attempt to map it, they’d have to invent whole new ways of assembling images, just to make sense of the environment. It’s not so much that it’s confusing, disorderly or or downright odd – although that’s not to say that it isn’t in parts – but, unless you happen to know your way around it, it can be extraordinarily divergent.

There are parts that are incredibly well organised, sensible and utterly dependable, whilst – right next door – you’ll find an insane mess of disorderly confusion. There are whole areas in ‘lock down’, completely inaccessible unless you happen to know the access codes, nestling up to large expanses of rational, objective, logic. All of which is probably no different to most people’s minds, although i will often flit rapidly between the different neighbourhoods, mixing and matching as circumstances demand and often in a fashion that few others find readily comprehensible.

here5_001There are also vast tracts of completely empty space in there – places that i’ll often find myself when really i should be concentrating elsewhere. These voids are what i tend to think of as my creative spaces – the synaptic equivalent of blank canvasses – an imaginary medium that gives me free reign to mess about, often with no real direction or aim. When i find myself hanging about here, it’s often without intent or plan, and the resulting thought processes can vary from inspirational to downright boring – i never know what to expect – but, without these blank creative spaces, i think there’d be far too much going on in my head for me to produce useful, or indeed coherent thought at times.

Yesterday, to give a prime example, i had no idea what to post – ideas and thoughts had been running through my head all day, but it was one of those occasions where absolutely nothing was looking promising. Eventually, having exhausted all possibilities, i decided not to post at all and then spent one of those pointless evenings randomly surfing the net and the gogglebox – occasionally both together, (ah, the joy of two screens!). Quite unintentionally, my brain wandered into creative space, squatted there inanely, with an idiot look on its face for a while, poked around in the corners, hung around for a while longer – like a slightly confused and friendless hooded delinquent on a street corner pretending to be tough – before giving me a good hard poke and saying… “Write this…” – and so, in the end with no effort at all, a post was spawned.

soylent_001This is the special nature of my inner creative space – sometimes it will be filled with cascading ideas, inspiration and the occasional flash of genius, but it’s just as likely to be blander than microwaveable supermarket ‘value’ range mild curry – a dull, empty, boring space which allows me to mill around, pace up and down, and generally tune in to ideas that won’t otherwise come, no matter how hard i might try.

Recently i’ve been getting to grips with the idea that having the same sort of creative space in sl can encourage me to come up with new and interesting ideas too. You may recall that after SL10B i decided to take down my erstwhile Tube Station build, and in its place, i threw up some prefabricated buildings, just to hide the big hole in the ground that was left – the idea being that having a piece of land that was simply crying out to be filled with something interesting would give me the necessary impetus to come up with the goods. Well, it didn’t quite work out as i expected!

Much loitering without intent, ineffectual fiddling and huffing and puffing of pixellated breath followed and, it has to be said, not a lot else! Buildings were shifted around, prims rezzed, then zapped, and it seemed that my temporary prefabs were likely to become longterm features.

Then, whilst hanging around doing nothing much in particular, twiddling my virtual thumbs, ‘Mousetrap’ sneaked into my mind – not the sort of thing i was expecting and probably not the quite sort that you’ll be picturing in your own minds either. This wasn’t your everyday wood and spring rodent assassination device, neither was it my rather far-fetched mousetrap chair that never actually got built, which i’d conjured up to complement my ill-conceived Cheese Concept Living Room Suite, (don’t ask!). No, this was the treasured Mousetrap board game that i remembered my cousin owning as a child, brought out on special occasions to be played with and regarded with bitter jealousy by those of us whose parents thought the cost far to much to be expended upon a rather ridiculous party game for their own kids. You know the one – where you crank the handle to turn the wheel, propelling the stop sign into the boot, which kicked the bucket containing the ball, which rolled down the rickety stairs, then along the drainpipe, to hit the helping hand, which pushed the thingamajig, tipping the ball into the bath, onto the diving board, causing the diver to jump into the pool, which jiggled the cage which dropped down the pole, to trap the mouse waiting below!

And i fully intended to construct it entirely from prims… even the grasping hands – none of your mesh and sculpty nonsense; and what’s more, i was going to do it as economically as possible – i was aiming around a conservatively mad 60 LI mark! Bonkers, huh?

i dread to think what the neighbours are going to say!


s. x

You be the cat and I’ll be the mouse. 
Invite me over to your mousetrap house. 
One Velvet Sidewalk – Mousetrap

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